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The world's ten strongest bite animal, it was the first great white bottom!

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A bit of pressure generated force is popular in terms of the upper and lower teeth contact, there are a lot of animal although looks ugly in appearance, its bite force is very alarming, so now exists in the world, what animal bite force is very powerful, we come to see the world ten strongest animal bite force.

The world's ten strongest bite animal: the great white shark, lion, hyena, stripe snappers, tigers, jaguars, hyenas, alligator, crocodile, hippopotamus

The world's ten strongest animal bite force

10, the great white shark

 The world

The famous sea killer shark bite force although far higher than human beings, but also only ranked tenth, it can be easily cut the legs, can bring the deadly Shanghai, its teeth can easily penetrate the iron, the great white shark bite force even higher than its much larger orca.

9, Pseudocaranx Hyena

 The world

Hemigalus hyenas can actually reach the bite force 450 kilograms, while its body as an ordinary dog, it can be easily done pitbull, but because the ugly plus eating carrion, it resulted in the animal world and the human eyes are not very popular.

8, lion

 The world

The lion looks ferocious, it is also this, but the bite force and stripe almost only the hyena, reputation is much better than the hyena stripe, it can also be easily snapped in most herbivores neck, it is almost 450 kilograms in bite force.

7, snapping turtle

 The world

Although the snapping turtle is a turtle, but it can be much different from other turtles, but from the looks of it do not feel good, the weight is higher than that of other turtles, general armor shell, coupled with very strong muscles, making it even ranked in the lion on its bite force is 450 kg.

6, tiger

 The world

The King Tiger although not nearly what animal can beat, but only from the bite force it is not the most powerful, and only ranked sixth, its bite force can reach 500 kg, easily fix other feline animal completely no problem, fighting force ten amazing.

5, Jaguar

 The world

The Jaguar as a feline animal, you never thought of it so strong fighting force from the body, although in other similar physical combat animal is not the greatest, but the bite force is the strongest, the Jaguar is leopard bite force can reach 560 kg.

4, the spotted hyena

 The world

The animal from a single bite force on the land it is strongest, but it is people love it up ah, although its bite force reached 585 kg, but because of its ugly appearance, plus it has always been bad style, making this creature in the grasslands of the notorious repute.

3, alligator

 The world

The crocodile bite force that is absolutely not to be underestimated can account for the world's ten largest animal in the strongest bite of third or second, it was with good brothers. Alligator bite can reach a meal, all the land creatures see it must bow. So in the swamp forests must be away from the river bank.

2, crocodile

 The world of the strongest bite animal, it was the first great white bottom!

The crocodile family leader in crocodile bite force can reach 1890 kg, which in itself is very great, was the longest to achieve meters, far beyond the other species of crocodile, he is also very strong. Because of its powerful cannibal crocodile, bite force plus size, human sight it must be at a distance.

1, hippo

 The world

Looks a little cute and not what the big threat to human hippo, the ten largest in the world with its strongest animal bite force of 2268 kilograms of bite force ranked first, fully deserve, as everyone knows the hippo mouth can grow to be very large, plus its huge size but also for its bite force to provide a solid foundation.

The above is the ten largest in the world the strongest bite animal, it was the first great white bottom! All of the contents of the. More Most of the animal information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Most of the animal information Channel!
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