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Nanjing gathered Wraith supernatural events ghost story

The column: The event information Release time: 2018-10-03 The source: The most in the world

The historical cultural city of Nanjing, there were many events in history, thus leaving a lot of terror and the inside of the city some of the events, and is said to be a Wraith gathering place, the next will take stock of these local ghost stories happened.

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

The Dragon neck road is really dark and curved and long, on both sides of the trees and grass or rock, the old long way (so long to open the car for a while) was not a street lamp, branch to day cover tightly, no leakage of the moonlight. Luckily I was in the car, otherwise it is dark, these years occurred in this way and make it a strange car accident case and more terror.

No beam Dianji Yin Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum! There are enshrined in the hall, martyrs, no beam, the structure in the Feng Shui China is dedicated to Amityville Horror, again so many field strong souls, don't say that you stand at dead of night, during the day in the central hall will shiver all over though not cold feeling. If you dare the night 12 points to stand there, you are not scared to death by yin.


A few years ago, grandma and grandpa's grave in Yuhuatai following a year back to the village of red, we all went to the grave, grave relatives home. I would say to them, by a cemetery live, haven't met what strange things. Grave relatives and I said, they don't touch what. It is on the hill on that path, there is a small wonton shop, said to be haunted.

The shop owner is in Henan, the small shop cheap rent, he lattice into inside and outside two, outside doing business, people living there. At first, fortunately, nothing special. After more than a month, open out the strange. There by the cemetery, so the end of night earlier, every time the door up, by the weak light, the boss will find a corner of an old man, thought is not taken guests, but say, he is the past, but the shop owner is not the old man in the past. He had a little hair. The lights look, no one. So that the rest self-sufficiency dazzle. Then for several days, like this, a close, the old man appeared, the lights or go away. Shop in the barely boss, dot the bedrolls, ran back rent.

Jiangdong gate area

Because of the Holocaust Memorial museum! White phosphorus, Yin! I had lived in the memorial hall not far from the point, at that time the school has just completed soon, we still live in the first session of the new school, I was still the most close to the dormitory room in my bed door, or the bed near the door! No wonder that our dormitory is always haunted, now that I think are scared!

Mystery gate crane event when the Nanjing massacre victims

Mass graves is a way of disposal Chinese year Japanese body. NAU student volunteers in Xianhe door investigation, accidentally discovered the remains of the victims of the massacre of local buried Little Turtle cemetery. The experts survey data will be combined with the new and existing materials, initially revealed the mystery of mass graves gate crane. In the survey, many old crane gate area reflects the gate crane said: at that time many people died, the water in the ditch red red, lying on the street full of corpses; in the winter, the death of many people, those who die ugly, lying, lying dead stank, (later people who have buried the dead). The dugout is buried the dead, the streets are buried people, little turtle mountain is also buried. (the last century) in 70s to build the coal yard, the people took the little turtle bones dug up at the foot of the hill, buried two graves.

The experts according to the local people to reflect the situation, start to re sort the existing historical data, preliminary studies suggest that the victims buried gate crane massacre, is a newly discovered mass graves, they buried the dead, one is killed by the Japanese local villagers, more important is the country, the people, the army officers and soldiers.

The South (many universities have this legend, including rhubarb South Post)

When it comes to the south big story, indeed when studying in there heard some students, for example the general night did not go to the Protestant, the new church is said to have a rather baffling blackout, the old teaching people are full, had to go to the Protestant, but did not see the ghost, but due to psychological factors do not always learn, in the early withdrawal; and where the old library, the bottom of the window is half under ground, the day go heart Maomao there; and the 2 pieces of mouse sperm, only heard and not seen.

Flora Lake (Zi Xiahu)

These two places are flooded every year for the dead. In Nanjing friends should know in the district have a flora lake, said that every summer a few people die there, my good friend grew up in the lake, he didn't have a position in the demolition of the former Villa Magnolia now. Listen to him, one summer he and a buddy in the lake and flora catch yellow earthworm, imperceptibly more and more toward the center of the lake, and then he suddenly looked up and saw a man with no hair eyes, he did not know fear, ask: what are you doing? The old man couldn't ignore him, he cried beside the partners, but look at the lake, a quiet, no matter what.

About selling cakes bridge (Maigaoqiao)

Very warm ghost story. Maigaoqiao was called mygod bridge. Long long, steamed cake children a childless old woman selling in the bridge, this is a delicious snack in Nanjing, people have put it as a lack of milk to feed Naigao children. As the old lady steamed cake children is very famous, near ten in the area of the people will buy back to eat, her business is always very good. But it is very strange that every time a day count the money, she will find a piece of paper money, she did not care, thought it was someone else's practical joke. But for a long time people will always have a curiosity. And she wanted to see in the end who is to do so. She found that there is a young woman holding a child to buy cake every day, every time the woman bought the cake before long, money will appear in her money box.

Then the old woman does not know how to know, maybe a woman came to know her, that she was near a family daughter-in-law, labor time but because of childbirth, children are not born dead, his family buried the woman with a big, but did not think of the woman in the stomach the child is not dead. The ghost woman born the baby, but she is a ghost, no milk to feed their children, had to take the money to buy her the cake to feed the children. Later said the woman gave the baby to her mother-in-law, then did not appear, and her mother took the child as a son, raise the child. The bridge is the old woman selling cakes, since it was known as the mygod bridge, then slowly, later changed it to the name now.

Nanjing has a long history and culture of the ancient city will flow from the horror story is actually a very good understanding of I, but for the truth of these stories, for people who have not experienced it is unable to verify the,

All the above is the Nanjing supernatural events ghost story the Wraith gathered. More The event information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The event information Channel!
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