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Bears cartoons super singular event inventory

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You should have seen it bears, it is One A ages animated cartoon, cartoon this should be fun and adorable, but this time, Xiao Bian found a lot of strange events, such as Lee who is the boss? What is the truth? Below let Xiaobian for everyone in detail!


Lee boss the truth

Lee boss as center main characters, basically every episode to appear, but almost no one knows what he looks like, only bald strong each time to contact him on the phone! Why do the drama has not appeared yet boss Lee ? Is the producer in the hidden wisdom, in Ninety-five The boss wants to concentrate Lee bald strong here but ultimately did not come. So far, Lee boss is one of the most mysterious bears in animation.


Bald strong mother

And the same boss Lee, to complete, is using the phone! Only hear the sound can not see people, his mother really is what look like? Often heard that bald strong home, but has never seen him home!

The above is more strange Two A problem, believe that the allies of the more interested in it! If you have found what kind of weird thing, then we remember and say oh!

The above is the entire contents of bears cartoons super strange events at the market. More The event information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The event information Channel!
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