The shortest tree in the world, the dwarf willow is only 5 centimeters tall and smaller than the grass.

We must be familiar with trees. Today we want to introduce the shortest tree in the world. This kind of tree is quite special. At the same time, this kind of tree has never been seen in life. It is called dwarf willow. So today we will have a good understanding of the living habits and characteristics of dwarf willow. One, the shortest in the world.

The most toxic six species in the world list, the strongest toxicity can lead to death.

There are always a lot of strange things in the world, and there are many life bodies, such as people, plants, animals, microbes. Today I want to introduce the most poisonous six species of plants in the world. These six plants are very toxic, but some plants can treat the disease. The world is the most...

What stalks of the most beautiful girls in Chongqing, a frightening video that leaves a psychological shadow

Nowadays, all kinds of small video websites are very popular. Many people have different kinds of funny videos to attract people's attention. As for the most beautiful girl in Chongqing, this is a horror video that frightens many people. The video begins with a beautiful little girl dancing.

The ten most ugly Pocket Monster, which one do you like best?

After 90 years, many people estimate that you have seen the TV animation of Pocket Monster. This is definitely a childhood memory of the 90s. When it comes to Pocket Monster or everyone will think of cute and funny super card for the first time, but there are many other things about Pocket Monster. Do you know that the ten ugliest Pocket Monster have...

The ten greatest sports in the world, breaking toes, ferrets into pants?

What sport is a wonderful sport, contrary to many realistic competitions, for example, who runs the slowest and who has the least number of goals, of course not. These widely circulated competitions abroad can be said to be a perfect interpretation of what absurd things people are doing in boredom, such as breaking their toes and getting ferrets into...

The most disgusting wine in the world, Korean dung wine is overweight and super disgusting.

Beer, liquor, rice wine, rice wine, and red wine are the favorite of many people. In fact, apart from these wines, there are some special exotic flowers, such as Korean dung wine, which can be regarded as the most disgusting wine in the world. Because this wine is made from feces, no matter what.

The most escaped Fugitive in the United States, called the arrest warrant, was the 15 thousand to give himself up.

The escaped prisoner's final result will still be sent to prison, but some fugitives even haggled with the police. A fugitive in the United States called the police to call the arrest warrant, and 15 thousand police officers agreed to his request.

The world's first chili sauce, it is necessary to sign the life and death to eat spicy sauce!

There are so many people who like spicy food, because it can make us open in October, and every meal is not spicy, but it will make us very excited, but do you know? There is one of the hottest chilli sauce in the world. He is from the owner of the British restaurant that the sauce is called the world's first chili sauce.

The most popular female stars in the entertainment circle, Yang Zi and Liyan Tong, came on the list.

Although the female stars are very good-looking, but in this picky looking face era, the appearance of the female stars has been magnified by dozens of times, and even some female stars have been ridiculed. The Xiaobian arranged for the most popular female stars in the entertainment circle. Yang Zi and Liyan Tong are all on the list.

The world's ten largest ghost town, the ghost town where no one lives, which one do you dare to go to?

There are a lot of strange things in the world. Of course, some towns and buildings are easy to form ghost towns because they are uninhabited. They are very mysterious and often have a bit of scary. How much do you know about ghosts in the world? Next, let me introduce to you the ten ghosts of the world. ...

There are ten places in the world where you don't want to live.

There are many countries in the world, many countries have beautiful environment, and people around them get along well. In this country, happiness can be improved a lot. But some countries are not very good and are not suitable for living. Xiaobian collated the ten places in the world that you don't want to live in.

China's murderer ranks the highest in the world.

Some people in the world have strange psychology, killing innocent people with very violent means. They are too miserable to be seen. This murderer should be punished by God. Xiaobian took inventory of the list of Chinese murderers.

The most wonderful festival in the world is the subway no pants day (men and women wear only underwear and subway).

There are many festivals in the world. Have you ever heard of the international subway no pants day? (January 13th every year)? As the name suggests, on this day people do not need to wear pants seat subway, you say wonderful flowers are not wonderful? Even in our conservative way.

What are the most "hard core" instant noodles in the world?

In the era of takeaway popularity, instant noodles have faded away from its original aura, but in most people's minds, instant noodles are still the most convenient and fast food, but how do instant noodles make delicious food? Some people think of cheese, but some people think of it.

The most wonderful festival in the world, the American testicle Festival.

As the saying goes, what to eat and fill up, the Chinese believe in this truth from a long time ago. The bullwhip can be used to drink wine, the tiger's whip can be used to make liquor (now illegal), and the sheep whip is used to cook soup.