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The world's five largest alien base, the United States was the devil's Tower bear home

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The alien topic has been enduring, and the devil's tower, is said to be the alien base, but the news of the day, attracting thousands of people watching. Before the Roswell incident also is said to be an alien, even the president of the United States can not leak. But now the United States as the devil's tower is a famous tourist attractions, the legend is quite interesting.

An alien base, the devil's Tower

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The devil's tower is a famous tourist attractions, is located in the western United States of Wyoming, near Baer fourche river hill, is a huge rock cylinder. The devil tower 264 meters high tower, 305 meters in diameter, the diameter of 84 meters, just like Optimus prime. In fact, a lot of people to play, but also did not really see aliens. But according to scientists proved that the devil's tower is a legacy of the volcano product, why is it called the alien base?

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The alien enduring topic, especially those who love the UFO, the first UFO event also occurred in the United states. In the last century, around 40s, someone reported a UFO appeared over the United States, later referred to as UFO, later, many people think that there are many alien bases on earth, such as the United States is the most famous area 51 earth base, although there is no conclusive evidence, but people are willing to believe, but the United States is the devil's Tower in an alien base.

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On the devil's tower is alien base of fact of the matter is not very clear, but the legend of the devil's tower there are several. The legendary Indians called the devil's Tower bear home, in this legend, people will be the devil tower above traces of that is due to the bear's claws on it across the traces of the legend, there are two girls playing here, was selected for the arrest of the bear, the girls desperately run, climb up a rock, and pray to the gods, the God to help girls do not bear away, will increase with rock mana, bear to catch them, but he couldn't climb, the traces left in the rock, and the rock now has become a devil's tower.

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There is a legend has 7 sisters and their brother playing here, there is no sign of the boy suddenly turned into a bear, and chasing girls, then 7 girls climbed up on the rock, the rock suddenly increased, became now the devil tower, and the 7 girls, as in the universe the stars, now known as the big dipper. It is not magic, the Big Dipper did not think there is such a source of argument. But on the devil's tower, there is a magical view, the devil's tower is due to demons from hell, and stood on the top of the tower drum, the mountain mobile finally formed now the devil tower.

The above is the world's five largest alien base, the United States had the devil's tower is all bear home. More Anecdotal information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Anecdotal information Channel!
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