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The world's top five aliens base, the United States devil tower was the residence of bears.

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The topic of the aliens has always been enduring, and the American devil tower is said to be an alien base. This is an incredible news, attracting countless crowds. Before the Roswell incident is also said to be aliens, even the president of the United States can not casually disclose. But the devil tower is now a famous tourist spot in the United States, and its legend is quite interesting.

An alien base, the devil tower.

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The devil tower in the United States is a famous tourist spot, located in Wyoming, west of the United States, on the hills near the Baer river. It is a huge cylindrical rock. The height of the devil tower is 264 meters, the tower base is 305 meters in diameter, and the top of the tower is 84 meters in diameter, just like Optimus Prime. In fact, many people have gone to play, but no real aliens have been seen. And according to scientists, the devil tower is actually a product left behind by a volcano. Why is it called an alien base?

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The topic of extraterrestrial conversation is enduring, especially those who love UFO. The first UFO event also occurred in the United States. In the 40s of last century, there were reports of UFO flying over the United States, which was later referred to as UFO. Later, many people thought that there were many aliens bases on the earth. For example, the 51 area in the United States is the most famous alien base on earth. Although there is no solid evidence, people are willing to believe it, and the American devil tower is one of the aliens base.

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The devil tower is an alien base. Actually, it is not very clear, but there are several legends of the devil tower. The legendary Indians call the devil tower the residence of the bear. In this legend, people trace the traces of the devil's tower as the traces left by the paws on the top. It is said that two girls are playing here, and the bears are chosen as the targets of arrest. The girls run to a rock and pray to the gods. In order to help the girl not to be caught by the bear, the gods use the power to raise the rock, and the bear wants to catch them, but it can not climb up, so as to leave traces on the rock wall, and the rock has become the devil's Tower now.

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Another legend is that 7 sisters and their brothers are playing here. Suddenly the boy becomes a bear without signs and catches up with the girls. Later, the 7 girls climb up the rock. The rock suddenly rises and becomes the devil tower now, and the 7 girls become the stars in the universe, known as the big Dipper. It sounds amazing. I didn't expect the big dipper to have such a source. But there is a magic word about the devil tower. The devil tower is because the devil comes out of hell, and then stands on the top of the tower to drum, because the movement of the mountain finally forms the devil tower now.

The above is the world's five largest alien base. The devil tower in the United States used to be the whole content of the bear's residence. More Anecdote information Please pay attention to The world's most Anecdote information Channel!
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