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Liang Rongcai's killer was only sentenced to death.

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We can not understand Liang Rongcai, she is the victim of Liang Rong Cai incident. In the case of Liang Rongcai, the murderer was only sentenced to death, which aroused heated debate among most netizens. He was discussing whether the killer was dead or not, even though he had done such a tragic and inhuman affair. Today, I will bring you to know about the Liang Rongcai incident and let you know what happened.

Liang Rong CAI

 Liang Rongcai

Liang Rongcai, a native of Renhuai, Guizhou, was a sophomore at Dongguan University of Technology. In November 21, 2011, in the daytime, I was killed in the toilet of the teaching building, when I was 19 years old.

 Liang Rongcai

The murderer was a senior boy in the college, Ao Xiang, who was not acquainted with the deceased. He fled to Guangzhou three days later and surrendered to the police, confessed that he was following the victim into the ladies' toilet, and attempted to commit rape and indecency.

 Liang Rongcai

In May 24, 2012, the intermediate people's Court of Dongguan city made a first instance judgment on the case, and sentenced the defendant to Ao Xiang's death sentence on the grounds of coercive indecent assault and intentional homicide. The family members of the deceased have more doubts about the court's decision, which has caused a major reaction on micro-blog.

The above is the whole story of Liang Rong Cai's murder. More Anecdote information Please pay attention to The world's most Anecdote information Channel!
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