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China's top four unsettled list, don't look timid.

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China has broken superstition now, but some things make us feel very strange, even strangely creepy. Xiaobian has collated four major cases in China. There are all kinds of killer. Because of many strange reasons, it is cruel to kill innocent people.

China's four major unsettled cases: the South China corpse case, the silver serial homicide case, the Tsinghua University Zhu Ling case, and the Chongqing red boy.

Four outstanding cases in China

1, the case of NANDA's corpse.


The destruction of the Nandu case in the last century is a sensation in China. The detection technology is so advanced that it is still impossible to detect today. This also illustrates the strange twists and turns of the case. It may also be an unthinkable case that Diao Aiqing, the victim of this case, has never been able to see.


Born in 1976, Diao Aiqing was a freshman at Nanjing University. In January 19, 1996, Diao Aiqing's body was found by an environmental worker in Nanjing overseas Chinese road. The crime was extremely cruel. The victim's body was cut up by at least 2000 or more by the suspect, and the crime traces of the victim were eliminated by cooking. Police used carpet search methods, but still got nothing, so they rank the top four in China.

2, silver serial homicide case


The murder of silver is known as China's Ripper Jack in the world. The victims are basically young women of the right age, and are extremely brutal by the means of committing crimes. Most of them are killed after being forced to take part in the relationship. This is a very shocking case of the massive homicide case since the founding of new China.


In the nearly ten years of the crime, about a dozen young women were raped and killed. After a long time of investigation, the police still got nothing. For a while, Baiyin was in a panic, and more locals fled Baiyin. So the suspect was also given the name of Jack, the butcher of the rainy night and the Ripper of China. The suspect was careful in his work and made the police helpless. This is the second of the four outstanding cases in China.

3. Zhu Ling case of Tsinghua University


Tsinghua University's Zhu Ling case was also a big hit. Zhu Ling began to vomit and vomit at school. Later, after examination in major hospitals, he was seen by a doctor at Fudan University. It was very similar to the previous case of thallium poisoning. Putting the victim aside, the police suspect that the roommate's crime is the biggest suspect after investigation.


And what happened in this case was a letter from the United States, which said that if she did not disturb the roommate's rest, Zhu Ling would not become the case. The letter of the remainder of the letter was winter and winter, and the letter was sent from Las Vegas. Even though it was impossible to detect it, the case could not be detected, so it was the four largest case in third China.

4, Chongqing red boy


Chongqing red boy is the most appalling case in China's four major unsettled cases. In November 2009, a boy died mysteriously in his home in Banan. After the mother's recollection, one night before the crime, she dreamed of a black man smiling at her when she was dreaming. On the second day, the child died of a strange death.


The boy's way of death was very strange. He was hung on the crossbeam of his family, wearing a flowered skirt, and his feet tied together with his hands. After the professional's claim, he was murdered by the monks. For a time, there are various opinions on the market. It also adds a lot of mystery to this matter. It is also one of the four major unsolved cases in China. It is very creepy, and so far there is no clue to reconnaissance.

These are the four most serious cases in China. More Anecdote information Please pay attention to The world's most Anecdote information Channel!
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