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9 places UFO often haunt.

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You must have heard of area 51, but do you know where UFO likes to hang out?

1. Saint Louis Valley - San Luis Valley Colorado, Colorado

For many years, a large number of reports on UFO have given the Saint Louis valley the name of the UFO hot spot. And not only the UFO, but also the people who saw the shadow people on the farm and the animals were dismembered. Conspiracy theorists say these strange incidents are related to many secret bases nearby.

But like all secret bases, such accusation is hard to prove.

 9 places UFO often haunt.

Saint Louis Valley - Colorado

2. Watts' s coal mine - Poland Wenceslas Mine Poland

It was rumoured that the Nazi Party acquired a UFO at the time of World War 2, and was constantly studying this alien technology. But before they could reverse the situation, the war ended. It is said that these studies are carried out in a secret facility in the Poland of Watts's coal mine.

 9 places UFO often haunt.

Watts coal mine - Poland

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Die Glocke or The Nazi Bell is built in this underground facility.

3. west base - Dulce Base New Mexico, Mexico

Dao Xi is a town with only 3000 people in the border between New Mexico and Colorado. It is also home to some of the most mysterious underground bases. Some people speculate that under the ground of Archuleta Mesa, there are thousands of lizards (Reptilians) in the facility and many terrible experiments carried out on humans in Pingdingshan. According to the testimony of others, this base is dominated by gray aliens.

No matter how crazy these arguments are, some conspiracy theorists swear that it is true.

 9 places UFO often haunt.

Dao Xi base - Mexico

These are the 9 parts that UFO often haunts. More Weird news Please pay attention to The world's most Weird news Channel!
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