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Zhou Xiaoling's body oil spicy bar incident has made a delicious spicy bar with dead body oil.

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Do you remember? Two thousand and twelve Zhou Xiaoling's hot oil bar incident ? The food safety incidents in those two years were panic, and the production and processing of food with body oil became a special concern for the whole nation. After all, eating body oil was not a trivial matter. It is said that Zhou Xiaoling's spicy strips are made of body oil, which will be so delicious and delicious. Once this message is released, the severe blow to the spleen can be imagined, declaring bankruptcy is not something that can be salvaged, but it is actually smeared.

Zhou Xiaoling's hot strip was made of body oil.


stay Two thousand and twelve In, a Jiangmou was posted on the Internet. One A stickers, he said that Zhou Xiaoling's spicy spicy strips were made of body oil. They were described vividly. Such rumors were disseminated quickly on the Internet and brought bad effects to social development. Some people went to the spot to investigate how the body oil came into being and where the oil went to the crematorium.


The body oil is the body when the body fat is thickened and overflowed at high temperature, and generally it is a fatter corpse. When the body is not processed for several days in hot weather, there will be many oil bubbles on the body. A lot of people were disgusted by the news. Since then, Zhou Xiaoling's body oil spicy strip incident has been more and more horrifying and more disgusting, especially the children who like spicy bars. This is even more terrifying. Later, Zhou Xiaoling's food products are no longer interested, and the whole company is also on the way to bankruptcy.

The spicy strips are not reliable. The production cost is much higher than that of ordinary oil.


Businessmen pay attention to personal interests four words, the production cost of body oil is much higher than that of ordinary vegetable oil, not to mention the use of body oil is contrary to human ethics and social morality, and is also a violation of laws and regulations. So high production costs add such a high risk, how can anyone do that business, unless it is not money to kill the revenge society, so Zhou Xiaoling spicy bar is done with body oil in the final analysis is not reliable.

Truth of Zhou Xiaoling's body oil incident


Some professionals have come up with ballads, saying that this is really ridiculous. The incinerator is usually made of fire-resistant insulation material, with insulation cotton inside, and metal material outside. One thousand Up and down. When a body is pushed into the furnace, the fire will be sprayed out of the hearth and the top gun when the corpse is igniting. The temperature of the chamber will rise to a very high temperature in a flash. At this temperature, the body of the corpse will burn quickly and burn up in the tens of minutes of burning in the furnace. So don't believe it anymore. !

Why can't Zhou Xiaoling's spicy strips come out?


After the baptism of Zhou Xiaoling's spicy oil, the adverse consequences can be imagined. Even after the rumor has been passed, the rumor about the body oil hot strip has long been popular among the people. Even if there is no body oil, few people want to buy this spicy hot strip. As soon as I see this spicy strip, I think it is the body oil that is associated. This time, you should understand why Zhou Xiaoling's spicy bar is not ready. Nowadays, searching for Zhou Xiaoling on the Internet is almost a vicious event of body oil.

Zhou Xiaoling was executed. ( Rumor ) There were rumors that Zhou Xiaoling was executed on the Internet. All of them were fake. All of them were caused by the incident of Zhou Xiaoling's body oil. There are many people who do not know the truth. They think that Zhou Xiaoling used the body oil to make spicy strips, which was a death penalty. After that, he was shot. This is really a hole in the air.

The above is the Zhou Xiaoling body oil spicy bar event, even with the dead body oil to make delicious spicy bar (has been rumor) all content. More Weird news Please pay attention to The world's most Weird news Channel!
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