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Zhou Xiaoling corpse hot oil incident, even with the dead corpse oil made of delicious spicy and delicious (has rumor)

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Do you still remember Two thousand and twelve The Zhou Xiaoling hot oil corpse incident ? Food safety incidents that two got jittery, while the production and processing of food. Oil has become the object of the masses of particular concern, after all, edible oil really is not a trivial matter. Zhou Xiaoling heard of hot strip is made of resin oil, will be so delicious, once heard this message, the spleen to crack down on bankruptcy has been announced as can be imagined, can not save the thing, but in fact it is a slander.

Zhou Xiaoling hot strip is transferred to do corpse oil


stay Two thousand and twelve Hezhou city has a river made online One A post, he said Zhou Xiaoling's spicy spicy skin are all made of resin oil is described, such as the network hit off, rumors quickly spread on the Internet, bring bad influence to the social development. Some people went to the field survey of corpse oil, how was the crematorium, where oil.


The corpse is in high temperature and body oil, body fat into thick overflow, and are generally more fat bodies, bodies in hot weather for several days without treatment will appear on many of the oil bubble. This news came out that many people have gone. Since the Zhou Xiaoling incident was dead hot oil more terror, the more disgusting, especially love the children eat spicy food, it is this fear extremely, then Zhou Xiaoling's food will move towards the No one shows any interest in, the company went bankrupt road.

The corpse of hot oil not reliable, the production cost is much higher than the average oil


The merchant is about the personal interest of four words, resin oil production costs can be much higher than the ordinary vegetable oil, not to mention the dead oil is contrary to human society moral thing, and is in violation of the laws and regulations of the thing, so the high production cost and so high risk, how could some people engage in such business, unless it is not money not to take revenge on society, so Zhou Xiaoling is hot with corpse oil do not reliable at the end of the day.

Zhou Xiaoling corpse oil incident truth


Some professionals have been out of this monarch dear, said his mother is really ridiculous. The incinerator generally consists of fire-resistant insulation materials made with cotton insulation, outside the metal material, the normal work when the temperature in the furnace One thousand DEG C. When a body is pushed inside the furnace, incinerator after ignition, the furnace side gun and top gun will spray a fierce flame, furnace temperature will rise to a moment of high temperature, the temperature of the furnace body in the incineration process of tens of minutes, a fast burning oil achievement completely, not may retain, less likely to collect and store. So guys don't believe. !

Zhou Xiaoling, why don't the hot strip


Zhou Xiaoling spicy after corpse oil "baptism", its adverse consequences as can be imagined. Even after the rumor, but rumors of corpse oil spicy early have been widely accepted, even if there is no corpse with oil, few people want to buy this spicy, because seeing the hot strip, Lenovo up is that you understand the corpse oil, Zhou Xiaoling is not what a hot. Now in the online search Zhou Xiaoling almost all of the malignant event of corpse oil, this enterprise has been to the lonely.

Zhou Xiaoling was executed ( Rumor ) On the Internet has spread rumors of hot strip Zhou Xiaoling was executed, all of this is false, all Zhou Xiaoling dead oil incident out of trouble. Many people know the truth that Zhou Xiaoling used the corpse oil spicy violated the death penalty, which has been executed, this is in fact the guys don't believe Weakness lends wings to rumours.

The above is Zhou Xiaoling corpse oil spicy event, even with the dead corpse oil made of delicious spicy delicious (all has rumor). More Strange information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Strange information Channel!
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