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How are all the beautiful women who have been touched by the "quick hands"?

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How are those women who have been touched by "fast Chen Shan" now?

As we all know, Chen Shan is fast. S The pillar of fame is really fast. S When the fire broke out, Chen Shan also lived a rich life for this. The luxury car beauty, something that ordinary people did not dare to crave, made the "alien" taste fresh.

In the video, Chen Shan lavish money and clothes. One A very popular local tyrant, a man who is rich, naturally can not avoid the beauty. Chen Shan's numerous sexy beauty on the Internet, facing beautiful beauties, but at the same time, surrounded by so many women, Chen Shan truly recognised that he had only one girlfriend, Shi man.

Compared to Chen Shan's ugly appearance, Shi man is a real beauty, so many netizens say, " The flowers are stuck on cow dung "and" good cabbage is arched by the pig ".

But no matter what the netizens see, the benefits of turning into Chan Shan's girlfriend are visible to the human eye. Not to mention that material life will come up at once, and live in luxury villas to open tens of millions of luxury cars. Even the number of fans is rubbing up. When Shi man did not touch Chen Shan, fans only had more than ten thousand. After being confirmed with the fast hand Chen Shan, he broke one million in less than a month.

But after all, it's a symbol of negative energy. , Personal behavior is contrary to Chinese moral principles. Under the objection of many netizens, Chen Shan was finally sealed off. After that, people also disappeared on the Internet. Without knowing where to go, many people were quickly fooled by Chen Shan.

At this time, everyone was very concerned about Chen Shan's girlfriend, Shi man. When he was rich, Chen man was always around him. Now Chen Shancheng is fast. One A poor man, and whether the man would be close to him, did not disappoint everyone, and he did not see it. The beautiful girlfriend who had let the pig go to the bar had no news.

There are also netizens exposed, Shi man openly steal food, turned around and then put in a quick hand, Chen Shan hyped up the team's big brother's arms, the studio also did not forget to step on Chen Shan, and said. : "Because of the ugly appearance of Chen Shan, his weight has been reduced."

There are rumors that at first, when Chen Shan and his girlfriend got along, they said they would give their girlfriends every month. Three thousand and five hundred Yuan yuan, which is more like voluntary labor, is not surprising at all.

Nowadays, Shi man has done it with the popularity of Chen Shan. One A net red man, and also playing the title of Chen Shan girlfriend in the anchor room, has made many netizens feel inconceivable. Some netizens feel that this is taking the popularity value of Chen Shan, and of course, some netizens feel that it can not really be true love.

A short time ago, Chen Shan began to broadcast his poems, and the fans were quick to take up the rhythm. Shi man had no choice but to tell him that if he was not with Chen Shan, he would not be scolded by fans.


At the same time, Shi man said in the live room, if you give yourself another chance to come back, you would rather be a little girl anchor than choose Chen Shan to be in love with her fast hand. She was moved with the fast hand Chen Shan. At that time, she did not have anything to do with Chen Shan. She simply took a picture and did not do anything too much. Instead of being a real girlfriend, Shi man, a few other Gossip Girls in Chen Shan, who had a quick hand in Chen Shan's miserable life, launched several fundraising activities several times, cheated a lot of money, and then evaporated.

Some of them went to the rich and the big money. As if no man and them were in love, they could not continue with their words. They would rather cry in a BMW car than smile on their bicycles. In fact, Chen Shan's fast acting anchor is supposed to be banned, and all of them are incorrect values, even if they fall into the street.

These are the pretty women who have been touched by the "quick hands". How are things going now? All the content. More Weird news Please pay attention to The world's most Weird news Channel!
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