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Those years were "fast Chen Shan Frankenstein touched sexy women, now they all do??

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Those years were "fast Chen Shan" touched the woman, now they all do??

As we all know, Chen Shan as fast S The famous pillar, really fast S A fire, Chen Shan has lived a prosperous life, car beauty that ordinary people can not afford to dream of things, but let the "alien" tasted fresh.

Chen Shan in the video of squandering money, dress like One A very popular nouveau riche a rich man, a naturally beautiful, sexy beauty Chen Shan in the network on the face of the beautiful beyond count, gestures, but around so many women around at the same time, Chen Shan really recognized himself only one girlfriend Mann poetry.

Compared with the effect on Chen Shanqi Chou's appearance, smile is a real beauty, so many friends said," Flowers inserted in cow dung "," good cabbage is * arch".

But no matter how to see friends, Chen Shan girlfriend's benefit is visible to the human eye, and not that of material life suddenly up, live in luxury villa millions of luxury cars, even the number of fans are Cengceng rub up, smile when there is no contact with Chen Shan, only hundreds of thousands of fans, and quickly Chen Shanzheng trial to determine the relationship between lovers, just January to break 1 million.

I can do as a symbol of negative energy, then Chen Shan in the video. , Individual behavior is contrary to the moral principle in China, many netizens oppose, quickly Chen mountain was finally closed, after people have gone on the Internet, many people do not know the place, puliao offered Chen Shan cheated all his personal property, and the body has been seriously ill.

But this time, everybody on the hand of Chen Shan's girlfriend smile is very concerned about, once rich then quickly Chen Shan smile often wrapped around him, now - Chen Shancheng One A pauper, but the smile will close around him, the results did not make everybody disappointed, do not see the smile, "let the White Knight * arch" beautiful girlfriend, instantly disappeared.

There are also netizens puliao openly, smile to see, after the turn into the mountain quickly Chen hype team big brother live in the bosom, also don't forget to step on the foot and said Chen Shan quickly. : Because of the appearance of Chen Shan "- ugly, their weight was reduced."

There are rumors, beginning at that time quickly Chen mountain and girlfriend, said every January will give my girlfriend Three thousand and five hundred Yuan, the shape is more like voluntary labor, therefore, the results are not surprising.

Now smile with fast Chen Shan popularity value to do One A network reds, and is still in play on the anchor Chen Shan girlfriend of the title, so many users feel unbelievable, some netizens think this is the value of consumption with Chen Shan's popularity, there are also netizens think behoove, is really can not love you.

A while ago our launch, provided Chen Shan with fans Shuabing fast rhythm, smile in the live room absolutelybehave said, if not Chen Shan together, he would not have been so miserable fans curse.


At the same time in our live room, if you give yourself a chance, but rather when young female anchor are reluctant to choose and then love Chen Shan, and she quickly Chen Shan together was completely touched, then together did not and Chen Shan what happened, just simple take a piece, not to do too much thing, but the genuine girlfriend smile, then Chen Shan several other gossip girl, Chen Shan quickly under the guise of living qiku, several fundraising activities, cheated a lot of money, then disappeared.

Some went to the rich and wealthy, as if no man and they fall in love, you can not go on, you'd rather sit and cry in a BMW car, riding a bicycle is not willing to laugh ah. In fact, for this fast fast Chen Shan anchor, should be banned, the spread of all is not the correct values, even the streets are reduced.

These are the years "fast Chen Shan Frankenstein touched sexy women, now they all do?? All of the contents of the. More Strange information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Strange information Channel!
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