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In the earliest gravestone

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The world ( ): the first morning

The monument began in the Eastern Han Dynasty, but until today Hanbei is few, the yuan an monument not only great calligraphy, famous at home and abroad, but also in the era of the earliest, called the first morning . The monument of Yuan An, Han Yong yuan four years (92 years) in the moment, the original is unknown. Ming Wanli twenty years (1598) is southwest of Henan Yanshi County Xin Cun Dong Niu Wang Miao people displaced, discovered in 1930, 1934 to Yanshi County Bureau of education, subsequent migrations, unaccounted for. In 1961 it was discovered after the move to Henan provincial museum . The monument is disabled, the existing monument high 139 cm, 73 cm wide, 21 cm thick, the middle wear. No Name who wrote the book. The inscription is Xiaozhuan, 10, for 15. In addition to the 8 and 10 for discontent, the other word line are missing (now do), only 139. The font structure of broad smooth, thin strokes. The side of a monument in 1598.

 Stele of yuan an

"Houhanshu" biography, inscriptions written stories and biographies are basically the same, there are a few words can make short biography. The text reads: Stuart Ru Nannv (RU) Yang, Yuan An, Zhao Gong "" easy "meng. Yongping three years February Gengwu to Xiaolian in addition to the doctor. In November four, in addition to the Gengwu things together. The first month of the five year export (Hai, unitary, and not three words in the East China Sea) moved to Long Yin ping. In February ten "to Dongping city. In December thirteen Bingchen worship Chu county prefecture, in August seventeen of Henan Yin Gengshen worship. June 8th building bingshen Taipu worship. Yuan and 3 years may worship Sagong bingzi. 4 June has their worship stuart. Filial piety and the emperor Chao bin for Canadian service, public. Nagamoto four years March Guichou, leap Gengwu buried.

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