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The earliest tombstone in Qing Dynasty

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The most famous tomb in the world ( ): the earliest tombstone in the Qing Dynasty

The grand monument dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, but few remains to the present. The Yuan Yuan tablet is not only excellent calligraphy, but also the earliest in the world. Yuan An's monument was carved in four yuan (92 years) in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Ming Wanli twenty years (1598) was transferred to the southwest of Henan Yanshi County Xin Village East Niu Wang Temple, found in 1930, in 1934 transferred to the Yanshi County Education Bureau, then moved away, whereabouts unknown. It was discovered again in 1961 and moved to the Henan Provincial Museum. The stele is all below, and the existing monument is 139 centimeters tall, 73 centimeters wide, 21 centimeters thick, and worn in the middle. No author's name. The inscription is Xiao Zhuan, with 10 lines and 15 characters. Except for eighth, tenth two behavior dissatisfaction, all the other words are missing (now checked out), with only 139 words remaining. The font structure is broad and smooth, and the strokes are thinner. The inscription on the monument has twenty-six years inscription on Ming Wanli.

 Yuan an stele

There is a biography in the book of the Han Dynasty. The inscription is basically the same as the biography. There are individual words which can supplement the biography. Wen said: "Ru Nannv," Yuan An, called "Gong". Yongping three years in February, with Xiaolian in the afternoon. In the four year of November, the Geng noon was sent to the public. In the five year, the first lunar month (Hai, you, Wei, and three words) moved to the East China Sea. In February of ten, Xin Si was appointed in Dongping. In December, thirteen, he was a priest of the Chu County in December. In August seventeen, he was praised by Yin. In June of the eighth year of the eighth year of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Yuan and three years in May, In June of four, he was worshiped. Filial piety and Emperor Jia Yuan clothing, Zhao Gong is guest. In March, four yuan in March.

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