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The largest blue diamond in the world, Oppenheimer's blue weight is 14.62 karats (worth 335 million yuan).

Jewelry is a symbol of status and status. The natural diamond is the favorite of many celebrities. In order to highlight their dignity, they choose to return diamonds when they choose diamonds.

The four largest grain producers in the world have monopolized China's grain.

After understanding the four big grain dealers, you will sigh how strong and spectacular it is, because the four big grain merchants can be said to be the four multinational companies that control the global grain marketing, and in each of the four big grain merchants, every company pays special attention to R & D, and every company has absolute superiority in the whole country.

One day tour around Shanghai, you can feel the customs of the whole south of the Yangtze River.

Many people also have special feelings for the metropolis Shanghai. From the beginning of the old Shanghai style of Ying Ge Yan dance, to the bustling metropolis now. Many people are witnessing the growth and transformation of Shanghai. Even around Shanghai, there are beautiful scenery everywhere. After arriving in Shanghai, we must also look at the beauty around us.

What is the prospect of dietitian employment? It is still one of the hottest occupations.

Now that college students are everywhere, finding a job is also a headache. In order to make their income higher, many people will go to a certificate, such as a certified public accountant, or a counselor. Nutritionists have also become a hot occupation. What is the prospect of nutritionists' employment?

How much does it cost to travel to Lhasa? In the off-season, the ticket price can be half cheaper.

Some people say that the most beautiful scenery is mostly in Lhasa. But for various reasons, many people may not have seen the beautiful scene of Lhasa until now. But Xiao Bian has always had this plan to plan when he can go to Lhasa. The road is far away, and we need to plan carefully. The most important point is...

Why is Dubai so rich? The exploitation of oil has made it prosperous and strong.

Dubai's money is really not what ordinary people can imagine. For example, the luxury car in the abandoned yard, the gold decoration of the hotel and so on. There are a few cars in the house that are very natural. Pets that are raised by wealthy families are also exotic, such as tigers and lions. So the question is, why is Dubai?

Rolls-Royce gold sports car is luxurious and expensive, just 2 million 580 thousand yuan.

The Rolls-Royce gold sports car is a vehicle worth more than 200000000 euros. It is made of pure gold and is the most expensive and luxurious vehicle in the world. Such a car is in front of us. It is estimated that many people want to go up and touch it. After all, the price is so high that nobody dare to open it. Next, let's introduce the world.

How much does it cost to travel to Dubai? Lugger Hotel costs US $750 a night.

For many friends who want to go to Dubai, are they calculating how much it costs to travel to Dubai? This is also my main concern. If I go to Dubai for a few days, I don't know how much it will cost. Also, what are the interesting places in Dubai and where are they representative? Next, we...

Mount Jiuhua tourism strategy, route planning and return time are critical.

Tourism is always yearning for the heart that comes out of the waves. Sincere advice to your good friends must not be lazy, take a good look at the strategy. Otherwise you will experience the unsuccessful experience personally. And friends of the basin are ready to travel and choose Mount Jiuhua around Nanjing. Then start booking the hotel.

The most luxurious hotels in the world

Now the quality of life is getting better and better. Hotels are becoming more and more luxurious. Five star hotels are everywhere. It's not a strange thing. Most of them will choose five-star hotels, but do you know what the most luxurious hotels in the world are? It's only eight stars. There's only one in the world.

The price of a teacup dog is related to purity. The highest price has been sold to 10000 yuan.

In our lives, most of our pets are dogs. Especially in recent years, our economy has been developing rapidly, and openness has also been greatly supplemented by popular culture. Many friends keep a pet dog in their spare time to enrich their lives.

Which website is good for finding jobs?

Finding a job is a problem with high fever now. Whether it is more and more graduating students every year, or because people who want to find a job before they are not suitable for work, they need to find a good job. But where is the limited number of jobs, where can they find a satisfactory job?

The world's ten most popular musical instruments, the piano is known as the king of musical instruments.

We often say that today's children and young people are under intense social pressure and fierce competition. As long as there are conditions, children will be interested in classes, training classes and so on. If you don't learn or not, at least you won't let your child lose at the starting line. Next, let's talk about the ten most popular music in the world.

Duck eggs are rich in natural nutrients and are very different from duck eggs.

Sea duck eggs, perhaps many people have eaten too much. On a hot day, a bowl of porridge plus a duck and egg is enough. It seems that the same thing as salted duck eggs is now slowly eliminating salted duck eggs. This is the usual thing. Is it really hyped up by the Internet, or is it really so tasty? Let's...

The ten price list of Lai Mao liquor is 50 years old. The price of Lai Mao liquor is over one thousand.

With the continuous improvement of our material life, there are more and more things in our life that can satisfy us. I believe that many people have drunk wine. Of course, excessive drinking is harmful to our health. But drinking some wine properly is still good for our health, and there are many kinds of wine.