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His girlfriend married man Temple seeking relief (Figure)

The column: Hot social information Release time: 2018-11-03 The source: Internet

His girlfriend married man temple for free, 7 years ago, Mr. Zhang's fiancee bugaoerbie is married to others, he almost wanted to sell him the Dutch act, the marriage room, also lost, back home in the house, do not contact with people, one month half white hair, he had a half-dead. Life recently, Mr. Zhang told reporters his feelings to the story.

In front of Mr. Zhang is not 30 year old man should look like, half of his hair has turned white, the wrinkles on the forehead like eyebrows as obvious, staring. But Mr. Zhang said, now he is much better than before. Although he has started to work again, but his fiancee's betrayal that he always can't let go. Last year he also once hiding to the temple to seek mental calm, but still unable to escape. Until April of this year, he encounters is a little sensitive

 His girlfriend married man Temple seeking relief (Figure)

Love to kill, go to the long distance from the University of love

Nanning citizens Mr. Zhang and Xiao Min University in the field when met fell in love, are each other's love, their feelings are sincere and warm.

Mr. Zhang is in Nanning, Xiao Baise, after graduation, they decided to, Mr. Zhang was in Nanning, he returned to Nanning to work, then put the foothold over Xiaomin live together. So, they began a long-distance relationship.

This is a separate, three years. In the university three years of love, every day very soon, but this time love three years in different places is particularly difficult. The yearning and problems can not accompany each other, let them have some unspeakable pain. Mr. Zhang said, although they will make some phone calls every day, sometimes a chat can talk for hours, but the phone after all cannot replace face-to-face greetings and a hug, in order to finish this long-distance relationship, for Mandy's commitment, he worked hard to earn money, and wanted to achieve sales target.

 His girlfriend married man Temple seeking relief (Figure)

Mr. Zhang's home in rural Nanning, the family is not rich, can only buy a house on their own, so Mr. Zhang to work harder. Perhaps because of the busy work, he Xiaomin to care less, their contradictions began to appear, and even began to have suspicions. Once there is suspicion, even more tough days, they often quarrel over the phone, sometimes he felt wronged, can not help but fall directly hang up phone. But in order not to let Xiaomin worry, Mr. Zhang did not put their hard work with Mandy said. In 2010, Mr. Zhang finally earned a down payment on a house, bought a quasi xianfang. When he told Mandy that we have my own home, he almost tears. Long-distance relationship for three years is not easy, it can end up.

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