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Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

The column: Hot social information Release time: 2018-11-03 The source: Internet

In today's society, men under a lot of pressure, not only to support the family to make money, buy a car, but the entertainment is also very powerful, so easy to get some disease, some diseases have little secret sorrow. There are special hospital, the inside of the nurses are all female, male patients in the face of female nurses, some will blush.

Back to the female nurses.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

The mention of Andrology and Urology, it will make a lot of people think of. Because the face of a naked organ every day, male female nurses became particularly offbeat. Every day they do? They have a kind of sour, sweet, bitter, hot?

At the beginning, female nurses also feel shy, get over it.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

Juan Juan (a pseudonym), born in 85, graduated from the Hebei School of nursing, nursing work in Yuncheng Yu Shanxi Economic Development Zone, a special treatment of male disease hospital now, the hospital is a registered nurse.

The patient is dressing.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

Because there are few men engaged in the work of nurses, her department where all women. My colleagues are 85, born 90 years minimum, the average age of 28 years. They are mainly engaged in the recovery treatment after surgery. My work in this hospital has been more than 5 years, from a girl into a mother of 2 children. Now, dear, my own dream.

Infusion of the patient is not convenient, nurses carry shoes.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

Because patients are all men, just posts, extremely awkward and helpless juanjuan. She said, at that time I hate to go into the joints, is flustered, blushing.

Looking at a female nurse, the man a little embarrassed.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

When a reporter asked not in male nursing feel embarrassed, cauliflower told a story. A more than 30 year old male patient to do functional rehabilitation treatment, because the instrument probe will contact the male sex organs, other stimulation immediately excited erections, sperm to me, and I have a super man with embarrassment, after all he is not intentional. Male nurses, basically have encountered this kind of situation.

In addition to embarrassment, cauliflower also encountered sexual harassment. Some patients pants off, speech roguishly, some say Huang Duanzi, what is more direct naked asked, what about my length?, a month I one-time life normal? In the face of such patients, cauliflower often use your specific situation need to consult a doctor and other excuses tactfully avoided. Now, for all the work in the embarrassing situation, cauliflower from the initial practice into a handy way.

25 year old Chen is cauliflower, Urology, Wuhan Charity Hospital nurses. Petite she laughed particularly sweet, though not make-up, wearing fatigues, but otherwise a out of the ordinary beauty. The face of the reporter's camera, cauliflower insisted on wearing masks, because her department does have some offbeat.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

Never thought I would become a male nurse. The original hospital department for excellent refinement, cauliflower business level, good communication skills, into a strange combination of circumstances of urology. Although often with dispensing, drug delivery, but male patients in the treatment process often need to expose the genitals, and cauliflower every day for different men say the pants off this kind of words indeed beginning some does not adapt, but work all is not so important!

At that time, and is a male doctor with the laser treatment of Condyloma Acuminatum Patients, the surgery I was handed a side face of cotton, anesthetic. When the face is red, let alone see the patients, I even dare not see doctor's face. Male and female nurses in the work, patient communication is very important.

Many patients see the female nurses feel very nervous, so would being a cauliflower, make them feel respected, care and then let the topic back to disease.

 Hospital nurse was such work: the true picture

Not busy, often at the window in a daze, do not know what thinking?

Above is the male hospital nurse was such work: all real picture. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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