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Ten conjectures about aliens: aliens are studying human?

The column: Hot social information Release time: 2018-11-03 The source: Internet

Along with the people to explore the unknown space gradually deepened, mankind to the alien speculation more frequently. Especially in recent years, scientists continue to produce new progress in alien cognition, which is also for people exposed to these Yizhenyijia mysterious groups may increase somewhat. Take a look at the ten strange conjecture about aliens.

Alien ten guess 1, 25 years, human beings can find aliens

 Ten conjectures about aliens: aliens are studying human?

According to Taiwan media reports, whether aliens exist, is always a puzzle. Recently a specifically looking for alien astronomers said, according to the current development of science and technology, scientists will not take too long time to find extraterrestrial signals, is likely in the next few years or 25 years will be able to find signs of alien existence.

According to U.S. media reports, the wisdom of life in California in the United States Association of astronomers seith search plan. Shostak (Seth Shostak), has been discussed at the conference that in the days prior to the convening of the SETIcon, he used the formula that human discovery of extraterrestrial life has come the opportunity.

Alien ten guess 2, aliens may exist, but contact harmful

 Ten conjectures about aliens: aliens are studying human?

The famous British physicist Stephen Hocking in a 25 documentary that the possibility of aliens, but humans should not take the initiative to find them, to do everything possible to avoid contact with them.

The American media 25 began to broadcast documentary series "follow Stephen Hocking into the universe". Hocking introduced his views on whether there are aliens and Other Unsolved Mysteries of the universe to the audience in the film.

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