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The mysteries of the universe [ten] cosmic horror universe ten planets of the planet

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Since ancient times, the human exploration of the universe of stars has never been interrupted. Recently, the scientists found so far the largest planetary universe news, human again curious eyes betting on the planet. All these stories about the universe family has become the most talked about topic for printing.

The Harbert telescope help, astronomers have discovered a planet about 13 billion years old, it is located at the core of the globular cluster M4, around the white dwarf and the pulsar (left below two bright spots) rotation, the two planets were once stars and neutron stars.

The oldest M4 cluster of planets within planets:

 The mysteries of the universe [10] cosmic horror planet tenth planet in the universe

2003 years, astronomers have discovered a planetary life 127 million years, this is by far the oldest known planet. A planet the size of Jupiter is 2.5 times the equivalent mass of Jupiter, is named near globular cluster M4 core region. The number of stars in the cluster contained in more than 100 thousand, located about 5600 light-years from earth in the constellation of scorpio.

The age of the planet earth and other planets known to almost two times, and the universe are the same age. It runs around the binary system of a pulsar and a white dwarf. At first, scientists in the definition of its identity, there are many disputes, or in the later Harbert telescope under the help of scientists to accurately calculate its quality is only 2.5 times that of Jupiter, star or brown dwarf standards are too small, can only be a planet.

It is worth mentioning that this planet is almost gas, there is no life, because it is surrounded by a dying star, not to like the earth to receive the light and heat of life. However early this planet is spent in the sun like young stars around, so it might have been another earth, when our sun has not even light up, it has been in existence for life opportunities. It is based on the discovery, scientists have to reconsider the timing and manner of planet formation, and the formation of life time.

So far the universe's young planet

Most young planets in Taurus planets:

 The mysteries of the universe [ten] cosmic horror universe ten planets of the planet

NASA announced on 2004, they found a form of not more than one million years baby planet. The planet is probably all planets known to most young.

A baby born on the planet is about 1 million years ago, is 420 light-years from earth in Taurus, and around a age and close to the stars. Now researchers have discovered more than 100 extrasolar planets, but these planets are basically in 1 billion years. And we live in the earth is 4 billion 500 million years old, has entered the middle-aged.

Speaking of this planet, the process is quite interesting. Astronomers first use infrared telescope on Spitzer Taurus 5 stars were observed. Scientists in the dust around stars with Taurus CoKu4 found a similar donut hole disk was found on a circular area without dust. Experts form the theory of inference based on the current planet, this may mean that the dust has gathered to form a planet. This planet, possibly through the surrounding dust together and produce.

The most striking planets: Mars

 The mysteries of the universe [ten] cosmic horror universe ten planets of the planet

About Mars, people will always think of a sci-fi movie alien. Perhaps it is because Mars is the leading actor in too many movies and novels, people full of expectations for Mars exploration activities in real life. Over the past 40 years, the former Soviet Union, the United States, Japan and Europe plan 30 times Mars exploration, although the 2/3 campaign ended in failure, but scientists expect to find signs of life on Mars have never diminished enthusiasm.

Mars is one of the nine planets in the solar system. In addition to Venus, Mars is closest to the earth. Compared with that of the earth, Mars than Earth quality small 1/9, the radius of the earth radius is only about 1/2. But Mars and earth are alike in many ways.

Mars is the only telescope to see clearly the terrestrial planets. Through a telescope, Mars looks like an orange ball, with the change of season, the north and south poles will appear white cap, can see some light and dark, and change the shape of the area on the surface of mars. Space exploration shows that Mars still retains traces of large floods. Scientists speculate that Mars once more warm and humid, there might be life.


The most depressing planet Pluto

 The mysteries of the universe [ten] cosmic horror universe ten planets of the planet

Since the 19 century astronomers discovered Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Pluto is one of the nine planets of the solar system that has been a common sense to memory. However, once the International Astronomical Union conference in 2006 but voted to demote Pluto, included in the ranks of the dwarf planet.

Pluto is found in 1930, nine planets in the average distance from the sun is the quality of the smallest planet. Scientists know the information is very limited, only that it is about the quality of the moon 1/3, radius of 1400 km, the average surface temperature of not more than 221 below zero degrees Celsius, the average density of matter is about 2 grams per cubic centimeter.

Whether it is 70 years ago is defined as a planet or planets change meaning now because of being relegated to the dwarf planet Pluto had to defend themselves, only silently accept everything, can be the most depressing planet.

The largest planet: TrES-4

 The mysteries of the universe [10] cosmic horror planet tenth planet in the universe

TrES-4 is a planet astronomers before the latest discovery, is so far the largest planet in the universe. About 1435 light-years from earth in outer space around a star. It is estimated to be 1.7 times the diameter of the largest planets Jupiter, Jupiter is close to 2 times the volume, surface temperature reached 1327 degrees Celsius, is a huge ball of mostly hydrogen.

So scientists amazed that 20 times the volume of the TrES-4 for the earth, but the density is surprisingly low. Its density is only 0.2 grams per cubic centimeter, like a light wood, and rock structure, high density of 5.52 grams per cubic centimeter compared to a far cry from the earth. It is because of its low density, the planet of attraction on the external atmosphere is relatively weak, so some air may escape out, forming a comet like tail.

Not only that, this planet is probably a soft cotton ball, unable to provide a hard surface, once set foot on weight might be trapped in danger. Investigate its reason, scientists can't explain why.

Simulation of three planets red dwarf Gliese 581 map, the most notable figure in 581c, blue 581b, and the most distant red 581d

The above is the mysteries of the universe [ten] all the universe planet terror ten planets in the universe. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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