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The world's smallest ten national ranking: population land area secret number

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The world of small, small, but unique, most famous for its unique scenery, tourism has become an important source of the national economy. Do not know whether it can be called the 10 countries of the world's most environmentally friendly? The following Xiaobian a look at the top 10 in the world's smallest country rankings.

The world's smallest country, Vatican

 The world's smallest ten national ranking: population land area secret number

The full name of the Vatican, Vatican City State, also known as the Vatican City, the country only 44 hectares (0.44 square kilometers). Only then 6 small north. The Vatican is the world's smallest territory, is also the least populated country, the total population: 836 people, formerly known as the papal states.

The Vatican is a landlocked state located in the Italy capital of Rome in the northwest Highlands, the Catholic Church for the supreme authority of the holy place, where is the station. As the world's six cent of the population is one of the world's religious center, the Vatican territory the smallest and least populated country.

Vatican City State (Stato della Citt del Vaticano) is the world's smallest sovereign state, but also the world's least populated country. Located in the northwest of Italy in the Vatican highland capital Rome city corner, surrounded by a border with Italy, is a country Chinese. The territory includes St. Peter's Square, Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, the Vatican Vatican Museum of Gong He. The land was roughly triangular, in addition to St. Peter's Square in the southeast of the city, ancient city wall borders to the Vatican to sign. The Vatican is a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Vatican City itself is a great cultural treasures, has many important works in the world. Although the Vatican is a small country geographically, but because of the Catholic Church in the world's large population in the belief, political and cultural fields has a worldwide influence.

The world's second smallest country: Monaco

The Principality of Monaco was a city-state in europe. As one of the world's most populous countries, Monaco is a typical micro state.

 The world's smallest ten national ranking: population land area secret number

Area: 202 hectares (1.96 square kilometers), Beijing urban area 1/375

Population: 37 thousand and 580 (2012) the world bank, the population of Beijing is about 1/420

Where Delta: European King Albert II:

Currency: Euro

Government: single, constitutional monarchy, the kingdom of the pro

Official language: French

The Principality of Monaco was a city-state in Europe, is the second country in the world (after the Vatican). Monaco is located in the south of France, in addition to the Mediterranean coast of South, north, East and West throughout the three sides are surrounded by France, is mainly composed of the old city of Monaco and then set up around the area. As one of the most populous country in the world, Monaco is a typical micro state. Monaco economic development, mainly in gaming, tourism and banking, the country has achieved great success in a variety of business services and small, high added value and no pollution on the industry. Monaco's standard of living is very high, and the neighboring metropolitan France roughly. Without the need to pay income tax system to attract a large number of other European countries, the wealthy tax immigration.

The third world countries: Nauru

The Republic of Nauru, Nauru, is an island in the South Pacific islands of Micronesia. Nauru's land area of 21.3 square kilometers, is the world's smallest island, is the third country in the world, only more than the Vatican and Monaco. Nauru's population of about 9200 people in the world, the last second, only more than the vatican.

 The world's smallest ten national ranking: population land area secret number

Population: 9322 (2010)

Aaron: Capital Area: 21 square kilometers

The president: Baron Waqa

National Anthem: Song of Nauru

Currency: Australia yuan

Official language: English language, Nauru

Nauru, located in the south of the Western Pacific Ocean islands in dense krohe Iasi, Paradise Island said. The Pacific island, located in the southern equatorial area of only 60 km, 24 km. Nauru is a Micronesian people, for mixed type Marlay, Melanesian and Polynesian languages into English. Nauru people in the majority of Christian, a catholic. With the reserves of phosphate depletion and environmental degradation caused by mining, impairment and management Island wealth fund, the Nauru government resorted to some unusual methods to obtain income. 1990 in the 1980s, Nauru became a center for tax havens and money laundering. From 2005 onwards, Nauru Australia received government assistance, and the establishment of a detention facility with undocumented refugees return to australia.

The small country of Tuvalu

Tuvalu, is located in the South Pacific island. Because of the low altitude, the sea level rise due to the greenhouse effect caused by a serious threat to the country. Tuvalu is one of the least developed countries in the world.

 The world's smallest ten national ranking: population land area secret number

Capital: Funafuti altitude: 4.60 meters

Population: 9860 (2012) the World Bank

The Prime Minister / Premier: enemor cable Benjia

Queen: Elizabeth S

National Anthem: Tuvalu to God

Official language: English, Tuvaluan

Tuvalu is a country located in the South Pacific, consisting of 9 ring Coral Island group, the country's highest point is only 4.5 meters. Because of the low altitude, rising temperatures and sea levels is a serious threat to the nation of Tuvalu, face being abandoned. Tuvalu is the world's most developed countries (less developed countries) is one of the world's population, the two small countries (just above the Vatican). At present there are diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Tuvalu barren land, almost no natural resources, the main industries are fishing and tourism, but because it is located only a few passengers arrive every year so far. Its main revenue comes from foreign support hands, so long dependent on Britain, to provide financial assistance to countries like Australia and new zealand. The other is to sell stamps the financial source of tuvalu.

The world's five countries: San Marino

The Republic of San Marino, is located in the south of Europe, the eastern part of Italy Peninsula, the whole country surrounded by Italy, so China belongs to the country of San marino. Area of 60.75 square kilometers, a population of 27336. 90% italy. Italian is the official language.

 The world's smallest ten national ranking: population land area secret number

Capital: San Marino

Area: 61.2 square kilometers

Population: 31 thousand and 250 (2012) the World Bank

Currency: Euro

Where Delta: Europe

National Anthem: San Marino National Anthem

Official language: Italian

The Republic of San Marino (Italian: SerenissimaRepubblicadiSanMarino) is one of the smallest countries in the world, is located in the south of Europe, the eastern part of Italy Peninsula, the whole country surrounded by Italy. The terrain in central Mount Titano (elevation 738 meters) as the main body, the hills to the southwest extension of the Northeast Plain, a San Marino River, Marano river flows through. Subtropical Mediterranean climate. So, it also belongs to the country China. Italian is the official language. San Marino stamps is valid only in the country, most sold to collectors, source of income. The main business of San Marino banks, the electronics manufacturing industry and ceramic industry, and agricultural products is Wine and cheese. The country became a member of the United Nations in 1992.

The above is the world's smallest ten national ranking: all land area population secret. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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