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A woman living thousand tombs he dug up will groan: groan several times (Figure)

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Energy-saving left four Mysteries

Lianyungang Shuanglong Mawangdui Han corpse type wet body which is found after, China's Hunan Changsha Mawangdui woman, Hubei Jingzhou Han man third Han wet body of this type, the mummy is extremely rare and its scientific value, historical and realistic significance is very prominent. But no one has been able to unravel the mystery of four.

The identity of the mystery : Ling Huiping unearthed since about its exact identity speculation has been confusing. The hero coffin unearthed in the same tomb in a gold square bronze turtle button India, slightly larger than Ling Huiping's India, but illegible, illegible. The coffin plate inside the coffin with male east two words. According to the dictionary explanation, Dong Gong is famous people.

 A woman living thousand tombs he dug up will groan: groan several times (Figure)

From the recorded content analysis of wooden slips unearthed, at that time, Henan Prefecture Donghai Prefecture and other local officials have sent officials to attend the funeral, it is not difficult to see that the host is a low status of local officials. In the Han Dynasty, only 300-2000 years salary in stone officials to use India bronze turtle button. Therefore, at least in the above position of Ling prefecture. But why Ling Huiping will use turtle button bronze India? Archaeological experts say, a female Fenghou Chinese system in the Western Han Dynasty, that whether Ling Huiping has been closed

Agerasia mystery: Ling Huiping's body can be preserved for 2000 years, can be said to be a very rare miracle. Compared with the Mawangdui woman, Mawangdui woman tomb coffin in grand scale, not in the coffin outside the effusion, six, is surrounded by more than 10 thousand pounds of charcoal, then components of the plaster layer of silicon dioxide, three two aluminum oxide, iron oxide, coupled with thick pile of earth, save the environment and conditions much better than Lianyungang.

Lianyungang tombs are very simple, only a layer of plaster, no charcoal on the coffin plate, inevitably have a certain impact on soil, but the coffin body why better preserved? Furthermore, the same tomb, the same environment and airtight conditions, why in the other 3 coffin only sporadic remains, but Ling Huiping can have beauty tricks?

A woman living above is the Millennium ancient tomb he dug up will groan: groan several times (Figure) all. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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