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Figure 5: print Ershisixiao Lu Yi Shun mother

 Out of print: print

Min sun, Zi Qian, the spring and Autumn period luguoren, a disciple of Confucius, in his virtue and to Yan Yuan and said. Confucius once praised he said: Xiao Zai, Min Ziqian!. His mother had died, his father married wife, gave birth to two sons. The stepmother abused him, winter, two brothers dress made of cotton clothes, he was dressed with flowers made cotton. One day, the father went out, the car pulls min sun with cold shiver, the rope fell to the ground, his father scolded and beaten, with the broken seams catkins fly out, know the father abused min loss. My father returned home, he wanted to divorce his wife. Min sun begged Father forgive stepmother, leaving my mother said: I just one cold, Hugh mother have three children. My father was very moved, so he. The stepmother heard his remorse, and treated him as a child.

Figure 6: print "deer milk Bong Pro

 Out of print: print

The son of man: the spring and autumn period. Parents are old, suffering from eye diseases, xuyin deer milk treatment. He threw a drilling into the mountains, deer, deer milk milking, dedicated to parents. At a time when the milk was about to shoot a hunter, see muntjac, Tan Son hurried off out of the truth will be squeezed out of deerskin, the deer milk for parents to inform the patient hunter, the hunter to his filial piety, to escort him out with deer milk.

Figure 7: filial filial piety out of print

 Out of print: print

Laolaizi, Chu in the spring and Autumn period to avoid the hermit, chaos, self farming in Mengshan mountain. He filial parents, as parents pick delicious worship, 70 years old is not too old, often dressed in colorful costumes, like a child playing with a rattle, Bo parents laugh. For parents to send water once, entered the room fell, he was afraid of the grieving parents, school children cry simply lying on the ground, the old couple laughed.

Out of print "figure 8: bury your father

 Out of print: print

Dong Yong, the legend of the Eastern Han Dynasty thousand (now Shandong Gaoqing County North), the young mother, avoiding bingluan moved to Anlu (now in Hubei). After the death of his father, Dong Yong sold to a wealthy slave, in exchange for funeral expenses. On the way to work, Huaiyin encounter a woman, he married two people homeless. Women weave three hundred brocades in January time, Dong Yong set off on his way home to ransom, Huaiyin, woman told Dong Yong: he is the God of the female, to help Dong Yong to pay. Always to volley. Therefore, renamed Xiaogan huaiyin.

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