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Out of print: print "Ershisixiao map of graphic print collection []

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Figure 9: print Ershisixiao carved wood Pro

 Out of print: print

Ding Lan, the legend of the Eastern Han Dynasty in Hanoi (now Henan the Yellow River North), young parents died, he often miss their parents, then use the wood carved statue of things such as parents, students, and they are all daily meals to negotiate over their parents just after eating, before you go out before, after returning home to see, never quit. For a long time, the wife of the goddess is not too respectful, but curiously with acupuncture wooden fingers, and the finger had blood goddess. Ding Lan home to see they eyes shed tears, asked to know the truth, and his wife divorced

Out of print "figure 10: Hangyong for mother

 Out of print: print

Jiang Qi Linzi leather, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the juvenile death of his father, mother is very filial to serve. The war, Jiang leather carrying his mother fled, several encountered bandits thief, want to kill him, Jiang leather cried: old old, no one caring man, he can not bear to kill him. Later, he moved to Jiangsu xiapi, employment for mother, his poor mother needed barefoot, and very rich. When he was elected to the chapter was elected emperor Xiaolian, Ren Zhonglang Jiang features good and able men promoted by selection.

Figure 11: "out of print with orange or pro

 Out of print: print

Lu Ji, Huating Wuxian Wu in the Three Kingdoms period (now Shanghai Songjiang) people, scientists. At the age of six, with the father of Lu Kang Yuan Shu Yuan Shu to the Jiujiang audience, with orange reception, Lu Ji arms to hide two oranges. When leaving, the oranges rolled on the ground, Yuan Shu laughed: Lu Lang came to my house, when you go to cherish the owner of the orange? Lu Ji said: mother love to eat oranges, I want to take it back to the mother. Yuan Shu see his age know filial mother, very surprised. Lu Ji adult, knowledgeable, proficient in astronomy, calendar, was "huntian map", note the "book of changes", writing "taixuan Sutra notes".

Figure 12: print "buried child from the mother

 Out of print: print

The above is out of print Ershisixiao map appreciation: all out of print "[out of print] the photo collection. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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