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Uncovering the amazing secret behind the 86 version of journey to the West (Quan Wen).

The column: Hot social information Release time: 2018-11-03 The source: Internet

A photographer took a camera, 6, the 6, has been playing more than 2000, enough for a Guinness world record; it is the most special soil of a TV series. The 86 version of journey to the west is the God of drama, young and old, enduring, for now the various versions of the journey to the west, just want to say LZ classic is classic, beyond

Many people have heard of the 86 version of journey to the West was due to the limited conditions, it is very hard behind the sad story of the little-known, is a true course to learn. Let LZ to give you 818 that many people do not know the thing, everyone together to recall the history behind the TV series permanent China 86 version of "journey to the west" story.

1982-1988 years, 1998-1999 years, has issued a total of two sets, 16 sets: 25. Directed by Yang Jie, Liuxiaolingtong, Chi Zhongrui, Xu Shaohua Huaili, Wang Yue, Ma Dehua, Yan star. The journey to the West and shooting as the difficulty of the Tang priest.

This is the photo of the crew in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala 82 year journey to the West took 3 sets in the CCTV pilot, first found fame. So some people accused the director of the TV series to still go abroad. In fact, the crew conditions are very difficult, every meal only 5 cents of the quota, to Guangzhou have these expensive places, a bowl of dumplings 2 pieces of 5, only 6, boys do not have enough to eat, eat their own money to the staff director.

In order to find the crew requirements of the scene, the director Yang Jie led the team traveled to 26 province country except Xizang, Ningxia, Qinghai, Hubei, Taiwan. When shooting, the creative staff of times of distress, Yang Jie once almost fell into from the mountain cliff, four shooting scene almost falls through the sliding foot drop. Even the white horse, has repeatedly suffered drop ditches and other danger.

The journey to the West and the director of the camera is actually a couple, two people together in the film far apart from each other for 6 years, no time to take care of 12 year old girl Ya Ya home. Because of insufficient security measures to save. When the hanging wire, the actor often falls, there is a Huaili Yan (Sha Seng) more than 170 pounds, fell on the king's head Chongqiu photographer, cameraman fainted on the spot.

This is the 98 new journey to the West. Is the 83 edition of the. This version of * pig and sand monk played substitutions.

Director Yang Jie and Wang Chongqiu went to Hongkong to study the camera hanging wire. 82 years when the crew shot just west of lack of guidance, we do not know how to get special. The camera Wang Chongqiu tries to lack the sense of reality, happened to meet a man from Hongkong said to hang people. But he is also outsiders do not understand it, so they went to Hongkong to study the hanging wire, finally succeeded.

When the hanging wire is very dangerous, often the rope WIA grinding very fine, still risk. The four each finished hanging wire, are fortunate and survived, especially Sun Wukong and * eight main hanging wire, no break after each, each other to celebrate a clap. The four fell down to fall over.

The above is exposing the amazing secret behind the 86 version of journey to the West (Quan Wen) all. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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