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Rose: why Guinness woman cheapness called tofu (Quan Wen)

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A lot of things we take for granted, but I do not know why men such as sources, buttons in the right and in the left women? Why take advantage of a woman. Called to eat tofu? Why is the toilet kitchen? The twelve zodiac why no cat? What is the sheep for the crime? This is why you explain these, 33 interesting historical reasons.

Why take advantage of a woman. Called to eat tofu?

The Han Dynasty, a couple of tofu shop in Chang'an Avenue, the boss was beautiful, charming, called tofu, in order to attract customers, will inevitably be coquettish move, attracted around the man to eat tofu tofu in the name of the old shop and flirt with the boss, while pay when the boss hands touch the copper etc.. Later, tofu has become synonymous with a woman thin man.

 Rose: why Guinness woman cheapness called tofu (Quan Wen)

Why do men and women on the right button, button on the left?

The button first appeared, only the rich to coat buttons. According to the customs of the time, men wear their own clothes, women wear by servants to help. Lady shirt button on the left, has served the hostess of the servants (now convenient removal). Men's shirt buttons on the right, in addition to wear their own clothes, but also because the right hand conveniently pulled out on the left waist of the sword, it is not easy to be a shirt pocket.

Why is the toilet, kitchen?

China since ancient times has five rows, five rows corresponding to the five directions. The ancient building in the north east of the toilet, the kitchen should be built in the South east. Go to the south, used to say south (emperor Jiangnan), to the north, North (Anti Japanese) used to say. The north when to go to the bathroom to the yard, so the toilet. When going into the kitchen, going to the south, so the kitchen.

Why is it wrong?

The ancients said that day, two. So the world add up to three, three as the representative of the whole, such as: trilogy, three provinces, twice, three of us are walking together and so on; and the four is known well, also has good meaning, such as four diamond, four, four, all four arts, books etc.. So the good things outside, people referred to as indecent behaviour.

Why not call me Li Er called plum?

The first argument, Lao Tzu born white beard Hoolock, ears and large, so it is also called Lao Tzu called Li Er. Obviously this is science fiction, is nonsense. Second is more appropriate, Li Er was named the old name, laodan, namely Li Xingyuan from the old name. But Li Xingyuan in tiger totem, bitter tiger known as the beaver county area, so Li Er only child beaver misinformation.

Why Buddhists have the surname release?

Han surname surname is one of Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism is generally a unified use of family name, not included in the "family names". China monk to release the surname in Jackson daoan. The early Buddhist ascetic, to the teacher as the name, the name is different. Daoan thought, fundamental Road Division is the story of the Buddha, Buddhism's life, he later translated "by a source", a universal language of Buddhist monks, and said.

Why not twelve zodiac cat?

There are mice cheat cat folk myths and legends the explanation of this problem, but the real reason is because China old cat, cat native to Egypt, when the incoming Chinese has not test, folklore is brought back from India by three (in Han Dynasty). So the cat in the incoming Chinese before, China twelve zodiac early rows. Moreover, twelve animals have the tiger cat, so cat would not shift.

Why do people yawn?

Yawning this behavior has puzzled scientists for two reasons. One is yawning does not seem to have any effect. But when yawning, if you want to suppress it, your body will can't help twitching face contorted with pain, you seem to be feeling the blood gushed from his nostrils. Scientists are also troubled by the contagious yawning. Look, you just yawn?

Why should your reply name free?

In the Xia Shang Zhou is divided into two surnames, the man said, the woman said. "A little" Tongzhi clan cloud: who's your humble one's. Is used to distinguish the marriage, with a different name's personnelfrom, namesake's not different marriage. After the Qin unification, be made one last name. The name is expensive, so often to ask the name, and was asked to answer a name, my surname. Of course, if you surnamed Zhang and hole, you do not need to answer without expensive, because this is the God and the sage's name oh.

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