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Kangxi is the most important woman why life does not take a bath (Quan Wen)

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Four, Su Mo son of emperor Kangxi is in the growth process of the most important teacher

In 1, Emperor Shunzhi not qualified students

In fact, we have said, we have said, when Emperor Kangxi's father just young emperor Shunzhi reign, Emperor Kangxi's grandmother, the Empress Dowager and Regent duoergun sourdrang gave the boy a good emperor for three full two Chinese Mongolia six teachers teach a result one day, when the monk monk Naozhuo when the emperor Shunzhi emperor.

So, to the later, the sourdrang Dowager was thinking, how can I do this? A widely-read world so much, so they have learned, how they put my son to teach a like this? In her self summary, what the problem?

Finally, she also felt that the problem in children are not happy. You said, although the emperor he is indeed the emperor, but he is not happy every day to meet with him, he is very familiar with, you say he can be happy? These a widely-read, see the emperor, Emperor Shunzhi to class, you say he can be happy?

So, this is now the sourdrang sourdrang dowager empress dowager, she was in the summary. Finally she decided: I want to find a teacher, the teacher, if specific will coax children, to understand what knowledge, let her to teach my grandson Aixinjueluo son also called emperor Kangxi to learn cultural knowledge.

2, Su Mo son of emperor Kangxi, bear the heavy responsibility of Education

The Empress Dowager sourdrang over the election results of the world, and finally selected a person, this is the emperor Kangxi teacher Su Mo son. Why do the selected Su Mo son of emperor Kangxi, the first teacher?

Because Su Mo son meets the Empress Dowager sourdrang proposed all the above requirements: first, Su Mo son is the opposite sex; secondly, Su Mo son will coax children; third, Su Mo son know Manchu, Mongolian and Han languages.

On the Su Mo son know Manchu, Mongolian and Han languages, I am here to explain:

Su Mo son is Mongolian, so Su Mo son I was very familiar with their own ethnic Mongolian language.

In addition, the national territory of the people's China almost all Chinese, Su Mo son is no exception, her Chinese level is also very high.

Then, with the Su Mo son Zhuang Fei palace, immediately learned Manchu according to historical records, Su Mo son at the time of the Manchu court but first. It seems that a third language Su Mo son said it is very good.

The creation of 3, Manchu and Su Mo son Manchu level

We first introduce the Manchu language and Manchu history here. It is used by the Manchuria nationality language. Altai Manchu Manchu Tungusic Manchu language branch. Manchu is a kind of vertical writing improved in Mongolian language based on the alphabet. According to the Manchuria record records, 1599

Nur Ha Che ordered Mongolia borrowed words created Manchu erdeni. Although Nur Ha Che's advisers opposed, Nur Ha Che continues to change without Mongolian (full text: tongki fuka "akuu hergen), also known as the old Manchu (or old man). This text passes at the time of the new formation of statehood, and establishment of the Manchuria nationality after the Jin Dynasty has a profound influence. Later nine more sea supplement the twelve prefix, and to punctuate in full text next to the old, the Manchu is more perfect, the new text called the new Manchu, and pass on the.

Because the people of Manchuria from the Mongolian language, so Su Mo son learn it especially convenient, she was the Manchu have surpassed the Empress Dowager xiaozhuang.

In these three languages, Su Mo son the best is Manchu font. Su Mo son Manchu calligraphy is indeed a must, won the full house of praise.

4, the high level of the emperor Kangxi

Here, we have to say, most of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi love words is no exception! Until today, Emperor Kangxi also has a lot of calligraphy to stay, there are a lot of emperor Kangxi's inscription has han. From these inscriptions of emperor Kangxi, obviously we can see the shadow of Su Mo son this is Su Mo son education achievements!

Although we say the emperor Kangxi by the level of education, level of knowledge, the emperor Kangxi emperor Kangxi of the national governance level is very high, which is indeed the emperor Kangxi I factor is Tianzi clever; but it is undeniable that the emperor Kangxi's success, and education is Su Mo son of Kangxi the emperor is that emperor Kangxi succeeded, Su Mo son played an important role!

There is a name called Zhao Lian. He wrote a book called "Xiao Ting miscellany" said as the Jiaqing emperor Ren young, Lai (referring to Su Mo son) hand teaching credentials enlighten and teach. Here refers to the emperor Ren, Kangxi.

It is not just limited to this, Su Mo son of emperor Kangxi in addition to basic education have a text, she is more important in the process of education of emperor Kangxi learning characters also from all aspects of the education of the emperor Kangxi.

5, outstanding educator Su Moer

So you see, Su Mo son educated children with a full three Han Meng six individual teacher education of the child is not the same, you see the child when the emperor Shunzhi, wanted to become a monk, twenty suddenly died. You see the child emperor Kangxi became emperor in sixty-one years, life hard, created the Kangxi and qianlong.

In this sense, Su Mo son is also an educator, a distinguished educator. Not only that, Su Mo son or the quality of education of a practitioner at that time we say no word of quality education, but she is a precedent for quality education indeed. So, Su Mo son can cultivate Kangxi a great emperor such!

The above is Kangxi's most important woman why life is not all of the contents of the bath (Quan Wen). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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