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Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

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Is there really a dragon with pictures

The body length of about 1 meters, with horns on his head, a long mouth, eye shape is huge, only three claw foot, due to the degradation of short, and snake like body with scales, the back body was covered with gold, were made after corrosion process, compared with the legendary dragon obviously small the point is, a young dragon tail had not yet mature.

The new China dragon fossils, ( a new China dragon fossils in Anshun province Guizhou City Xingwei fossils Museum, in a surprise on the dragon of dragon horn, and China very like the mythical dragon, attracted many tourists come to watch.

This dragon belongs to the new Chinese dragon, is living in more than two hundred million years ago in the Triassic marine aquatic reptile unearthed in 1996 in Guanling County, Anshun City, new Pu Xiang, the fossil remains very complete, the total length of 7.6 meters, of which the head neck is 0.76 meters long, 0.54 meters long, 2.7 meters in length, tail length of 3.7 meters. The body width of 0.68 meters, the head of a triangle.

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

Is there really a dragon with pictures

Longjiaoshan is from the head of the widest point on both sides of a long out of the double angle, symmetry, about 0.27 meters long, slightly curved, the horn in the leading up, is particularly striking. Provides new evidence of the new Chinese dragon legend Horned Dragon, also provided for research Chinese dragon image of the origin of new ideas.

Since ancient times, the Dragon China in our culture, has a very special meaning, it can be said to occupy all areas, become a symbol of the spirit of Chinese culture. So long is there? Is the spiritual or physical phenomenon? It is still a mystery.

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

The following is to let secret secret friends have long on the world view, you can also leave your ideas in the comments area.

A dragon is real, "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" has also written, as well as the ancient totem, the Emperor himself and sons of the heaven, not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Does this statement, but not every emperor are the sons of the heaven. The interpretation of totem learn we are descendants of the dragon, the Dragon Story in the folklore for thousands of years, and there were many people say they have seen the dragon, this legend has been widely spread. Our world is a multi-dimensional space, dragons are actually living in the celestial gods.

Two, some ancestors are selected in the 12 zodiac animal, represented in ancient times, there are many books on the biological records of the dragon. Unfortunately, after the extinction did not fossilize, unable to research, became a mystery.

Three, I personally think that is impossible, if there is such a long there will be fossils left, but at present there is no found [I think the future is not found in the presence of] if the dragon, why didn't he put the dinosaur eat? It looks much better than the dinosaurs, the dragon is the ancient Chinese series, ancient dinosaur people even do not know, but just know that the dragon, they must be compiled, or foreigners do not know.

The dragon is like a former what big fight, every part of a win in the snake's body with an animal, he won the snake as the dragon like, you do not look at the letter of the dragon body can see that he is what animal.

 Is there really a dragon world there is no dragon dragon specimen exposure

Four, the dragon is a virtual animal of the Chinese nation into the agricultural society after creation, belongs to water, it is related to the production and demand of water in agriculture. Xin Wei

The most wonderful answer : Yes, I have more than 10, you or I sell you cheap.

To think the secret bar: the dragon is a totem! On behalf of the Chinese nation, the Chinese nation is the symbol of good, but there are no real that we don't know, to present scientific ability to research. The dragon is a kind of belief, if there is a real dragon in the world, it must be alive in our hearts.

The above is the world really have dragon world not all dragon dragon specimen exposure. More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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