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Chinese ten supernatural events (with Chinese: nearly 700 years of supernatural events Daquan)

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2 1992, the supernatural events

 China 10 supernatural events (with: Chinese nearly 700 years of supernatural events.)

It was a thunderstorm, a lot of tourists to see the maid in waiting eunuch, there are people to take photographs. Later, experts say, is because the year passed by the palace Eunuch in the thunder, the wall left image, and now the thunder, it released the image, similar to video wall.

In foreign countries also have a supernatural phenomenon in ancient buildings in the case, according to the explanation is because in the travel special night, such as thunder when it will be preserved by some material, again the same environment will make the same movie show in the Imperial Palace, there are so many treasures, may inadvertently be a period of time the phenomenon was recorded.

The Imperial Palace is a tourist attraction, every day to receive tens of thousands of tourists at home and abroad, but not everyone will know the Forbidden City which contains another content

The Imperial Palace in 1992 years of thunderstorms' events, indeed, by many tourists shooting, got favorable evidence, experts have given a scientific explanation (see the Imperial Palace palace is a scientific basis, because the wall is red, containing Fe3O4, and the lightning may be electricity conduction down, if you happen to have after this time palace maid, is equivalent to the video function, if the future has lightning coincidence may, like video screenings, the recorded maid), but still let you shadow incredible.

The Imperial Palace has many courtyards are sealed up! Not open to visitors, in fact, every house had science can not be explained by the phenomenon, before liberation has not sealed, many people died in these places! Not missing is the life of death, but it is always strange to find out the reason, but there is a common point: after death if she can see the corpse, then the corpse does not have. More cautious man is a well, usually during the day to look down, the bottom is some stones, what weeds, but every night after 12 look down, as long as the moon, you will see the bottom there is not a stone, but water, reflecting the weeds, but not your face water

The above is the Chinese ten supernatural events (with China: nearly 700 years of supernatural events all of the contents of the Encyclopedia). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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