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China 10 supernatural events (with: Chinese nearly 700 years of supernatural events.)

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3 1995, the Chengdu zombie incident

 Chinese ten supernatural events (with Chinese: nearly 700 years of supernatural events Daquan)

It is said that the first few years of transformation of Funan river just a lot of good people jumped into the river Dutch act, the river is not deep, water is not urgent, but some people accidentally fall into the water and drowned in the. Later Chengdu rumored Funan make zombie TV out, turned away.

According to the internal reliable news, in fact fall not drowned. They were recovered after severe burns were found to have traces of the body, is burned. The relevant departments have sent investigation. But the survey is not what had to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

This thing is a zombie Nan, Sichuan slightly, when I was in Grade 5 and, very scary, is said to also play adult train like zombies running around to see you right click on the bite you, I only then may meet up after school every day. (this is quoted by the parties about words)

The time is about 1995 years, should have the impression in Chengdu after 80, suddenly one day in the class began to spread such a story: the Chengdu archaeological team dug 3 corpses in the vicinity of Wu Hou Temple, Qing dynasty. The supervision of a mistake, overnight 3 corpses take wings to itself!!! Then there was the 5 corpses, only bite the head, it becomes a zombie not killed, finally out of the people's Liberation Army, is burned by flame spray.

Another said the legend from Qingchengshan jiulaodong zombie (which is not as scenic spots open) head ran out, also found N bones, there is a parapet county (a satellite town of Chengdu) dug out, and said that is dug from the hills, as there is a zombie treatment the military said troops dispatched a laser with great difficulty, there were a lot of talent of the fix.

The above is the Chinese ten supernatural events (with China: nearly 700 years of supernatural events all of the contents of the Encyclopedia). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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