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Ten great events in China (attached: the great events of China in the past 700 years)

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3, 1995 zombie incident in Chengdu

 Ten great events in China (attached: the great events of China in the past 700 years)

It is said that many people jumped into the river to commit suicide in the first few years of the renovation of the Funan River. The water was not deep and the water was not urgent, but some people drowned when they accidentally dropped into the water. Later, Chengdu was widely known as the zombie of the South River, and the TV stations were coming out.

According to reliable news at that time, the person who actually fell down was not drowned. After they were salvaged, they found that there were traces of serious burns on their bodies, that is, they were burned to death. Relevant departments also sent people to investigate. But nothing can be done without investigation.

The zombie incident was a sensation in Sichuan. When I was in Grade 5, I was very scary. It was said that the zombie was still dressed as an adult and ran around the train to see you bite. (this is to quote the litigant's original story).

The time was probably in the 1995 ad. After 80 years in Chengdu, there should be an impression. Suddenly one day, the class began to spread such a story: the Chengdu archaeological team excavated 3 ancient corpses near the Wu Hou Temple, the Qing Dynasty. Due to the mistake of supervision, 3 corpses disappeared overnight!!! Later, there were 5 corpses, which had been bitten, and became corpses. Finally, they were dispatched by the people's Liberation Army and burned by flame thrower.

The other said that the zombie came from Qingchengshan's nine old cave (which is not open as a tourist attraction). It also found many bones in N, and it was dug out by a county in Chengdu (a satellite city). There was also a saying that it was dug out from ten tombs. As for the treatment of zombies, there was also a saying that the military dispatched the laser force, which cost a lot of effort and hung up a lot of talents.

These are all the contents of the ten great events in China (attached to China's recent 700 years). More Hot social news Please pay attention to The world's most Hot social news Channel!
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