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Ten great events in China (attached: the great events of China in the past 700 years)

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4, 1963, the ghost event of Feng Ming village.

 Ten great events in China (attached: the great events of China in the past 700 years)

Fengmen village is the first ghost village in China. The 1963 ghost incident in Fengmen village is also called one of the ten great incidents in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Because of its Feng Shui Village building, it has been destroyed by Feng Shui. People live in ghosts and live in strange places. People do not die out of the village's peculiar burial custom. They also worship other gods and worship their officials. The three customs make the Fengmen village too dense, resulting in all kinds of magical events. The mystery of the dead body coffin, the mystery of the master's desk, the mystery of the mystery, the mystery of the midnight scratches, the mystery of fever, and 1963 of which are most famous for their ghost faces. In 1963, there were three young people from Zhengzhou, who lived in the charming village and scenery of Feng Men village. After entering the village, he lived in a village house where he had died three times.

Often heard at midnight, children shouted mother to mother outside, but when they looked out, there was no one around the house. In addition, three people had the same nightmares, and in the middle of the night they went to bed with ghosts. One day, one of them opened the wardrobe in the daytime to look for clothes. Suddenly, he screamed and swoon, and woke up. He woke up and said he saw a face behind the clothes in the wardrobe, which was exactly the same as the face he had dreamed of. Other people went looking through the wardrobe without finding anything strange. On the same day, the fainting man started a high fever.

On the second day after that, some people dreamed of grimace, and when they woke up, they heard a loud crash of water outside the courtyard. Then they fell on the window and saw a woman's back in the moonlight, bathed in the water well near the courtyard, and flushing his body with water. The young man was surprised and puzzled. Suddenly the woman returned to his head and smiled at him with a strange smile and jumped into the well. When we looked at it, we found that the surface of the well was calm, and there was no ripple. The well side of Shitai is dry, and the pots and pourts are also dry and have not been stained with water.

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