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China 10 supernatural events (with: Chinese nearly 700 years of supernatural events.)

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In 1963 4, the village door supernatural events

 China 10 supernatural events (with: Chinese nearly 700 years of supernatural events.)

The village is the first door Chinese ghost village door village 1963 pillow faces supernatural events more is known as one of the early ten supernatural events, because of its inverse Fengshui cottage construction since the defeat of Feng Shui, the ghost of mixed live, dead out of the village of the unique burial customs, and worship Buddha worship, worship, offbeat anti me the three big evil customs door village too Chi, produce a variety of supernatural events, a coffin fan, armchair mystery, supernatural photo puzzle, midnight mystery, the mystery of them have a fever, of which 1963 door village pillow faces the most famous supernatural events. In 1963, three Zhengzhou Youth Village and cottage door attracted strange scenery, with his easel painting door village. After entering the village, lived in a death of a family of three village houses, have caught faces and evil things.

At midnight the child often heard shouting mother ~ outside the mother, but look out, around the house was empty. In addition, three people have to do the same nightmare, midnight ghost climbed up on the bed. One day, one of them in the day to open the wardrobe for clothes, suddenly fainted in the wake up, said he saw the clothes in the closet behind a grimace, and even his dream as like as two peas. Other people turn to wardrobe and found no unusual place, what. The same day, he who launched a high fever faint.

After second days, and some people dream of face, wake up, hear the squelch the sound of water outside the yard, then lie on the window, the moonlight, saw a woman's figure in the courtyard in nature's garb wells near bath, water poured poured washed his body, the young man was surprised puzzled, the woman suddenly looked back, gave him a strange smile, jumped into the well. Ask everyone to see, found the water calm water, and no ripple waves. The edge of the well and Shitai basin and also poured dry, dry, and not touch the water.

The above is the Chinese ten supernatural events (with China: nearly 700 years of supernatural events all of the contents of the Encyclopedia). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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