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China ten supernatural events (with China: nearly 700 years of supernatural events Daquan)

The column: Hot social information Release time: 2018-11-03 The source: Internet

6 1993, Hongkong - Kowloon Railway advertising event

 China ten supernatural events (with China: nearly 700 years of supernatural events Daquan)

A Hong Kong Railway advertising are 93! Most people probably have hell things.

Nine Canton Railway advertisement haunted events: Director late at night to see the TV replay us. Nine Guangzhou Railway advertising following strange pictures: 7 children went to play the game in the last train team, more than one person, shortly after, on the shoulder of the child dead, but is immediately stopped advertising, media or sensation for a long time.

The following is a row of children corresponding to the article five, the child looks very strange, if it is there Guangdong friends should have the impression that, at that time was a sensation said.

Reported that seven children participated in the row of film, but from the above picture, there is eight children! However, more surprisingly, I repeated comparison of video, the video is actually found 9 children!

The boy first appeared third fragments (short hair, fine Plaid Dress is not the picture above) 8 in any one. Because the boy wearing a hat, a total of three, the former one, the last one, the middle one; through the above we can see that the middle wearing white hat in front of that man has a boy's face, so he should be sixth.

However, in front of third shot Sixth People (wearing a white hat), but it is behind Seventh People (single braid girl). So, this child is where they come from? Don't picture him out, don't show up?

So, there were 9 people in advertising.

The above is the China ten supernatural events (with Chinese: nearly 700 years of supernatural events all of the contents of the Encyclopedia). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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