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Hole burial: Miao quest horror mystery and intrigue (terrorist customers)

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Hole burial customs, folklore and so far in the eyes of a historian still seems rather than the many. The earliest living Miao rich the Yellow River basin, due to failure of their ancestors shennongshi war, was forced to move to the mountains of Guizhou in the woods.

 Quest terror hole burial, mysterious and Miao

Guizhou city in southwestern Anshun on the cliff cave, placed a lot of coffins, some inside the coffin number as high as 500, is really very surprised, then why is there so much here in Guizhou's coffin hole?

 Quest terror hole burial, mysterious and Miao

There is a cave at a pile of 500 different degrees of rotting coffin. This cave is since 5 local village villager surnamed Liu's coffin hole.

According to local folklore, the residents here are a few centuries ago to escape the war from the hinterland of the Central Plains and migrate to the mountainous area of Guizhou.

 Quest terror hole burial, mysterious and Miao

According to legend, they hope that one day be able to return to their ancestral homeland, so they buried their dead buried but the coffin piled up in the cave.

 Quest terror hole burial, mysterious and Miao

The origin of the custom argument is another region often floods, so the coffin is placed into the cave to avoid flooding the pain.

 Quest terror hole burial, mysterious and Miao

Placed in the cave also means the coffin closer to the sky, but also closer to heaven.

The above is the quest of terror Miao hole burial, mysterious and weird (horror all don't like to go). More Hot social information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Hot social information Channel!
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