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About Chinese man: daughter-in-law daughter-in-law heart Chinese man profile

The column: Hot social information Release time: 2018-11-03 The source: Internet

4, self-esteem is too strong, especially good.

Chinese men have a very strong mind self-consciousness, this is the man to be stronger than women. No matter is the height of wealth, position and so on, should be stronger than the woman will consider marriage.

For example, in the specific performance, they are always rushing to pay what. Western countries about the past is like this, but now people treat marriage is relatively calm and. Two people can come together, is the most important. What the West now stands, wealth and status are very light. Chinese if men feel they are better than his wife, performance on often makes it hard.

 About Chinese man: daughter-in-law daughter-in-law heart Chinese man profile

5, never say thank you, almost polite.

China men were very good, what kind of love belongs to the people. But at home is like a person, will let you feel what shortcomings. Such as marriage, husband to help his wife to do what his wife will say thank you. The very nature in the western countries, between the family and friends of strangers will say.

But you as a wife to help her husband to do what China, he never said thank you. For a long time, we will be very angry. Later I understand, the original Chinese at home is not to say thank you, I really do not understand, now do not know.

 About Chinese man: daughter-in-law daughter-in-law heart Chinese man profile

6, and eat soup was too loud, too hard to bear

The habit is not very serious differences, but China men eat when the sound too loud, especially when eating noodles and the soup is terrible. Many Chinese men (including many women Chinese), making much noise at dinner time.

Sometimes feel anxious to hide under the table, I wonder why he get kicked him. Later said it could not resist the truth, he did not expect that this is formed in the childhood, can not change! Besides, he feels I despise, and very ugly. To change this habit, really difficult?

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