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About Chinese man: daughter-in-law daughter-in-law heart Chinese man profile

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7 bed, lack of foreplay, selfish

I don't think Chinese men of ability, but I think they may have problems of skills. For example, he cares more about their physical needs, but do not know how to take care of his wife's feelings. The concrete manifestation is the bed of foreplay very perfunctory, also very lazy. In this regard, Chinese man is obviously better than Western men more.

In fact, the deep-seated reasons which are in equality between men and women, if you really know how to care for women, women will do more. The problem is that you can not do this day for a long time, the woman is unbearable.

 About Chinese man: daughter-in-law daughter-in-law heart Chinese man profile

8, do not pay attention to keep the body fat after marriage

A man may love to drink wine and smoking habits, this is not what big problem. But Chinese men married it seems to do two things no other has. For example, they basically stopped all physical exercise, the body began to gain weight.

Fit young body, soon disappeared. One of the most attractive places, not just good looks, more important is the vigorous pace and wide shoulders and so on. Both men and women, stay in shape is very important. Do not know whether Chinese women have the same feeling, is lying on his side, and their soft flesh is not objectionable?

 About Chinese man: daughter-in-law daughter-in-law heart Chinese man profile

9, big man, like to say no.

With the China men to discuss what is a very troublesome thing. When I first got married well, basically is obey in every way. After six months have changed. Whenever I want to buy what is not essential things, or just want to go out for dinner and the like, my husband would say generally NO, or one not go on to stop.

I think anyone can say no, but a good talk, that understand the reasons, it will not let people feel uncomfortable. May Chinese man, so his own wife as yourself.

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