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What is the real dragon phoenix captured by the satellite?

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Has anyone ever seen a real dragon in the world? I'm afraid they haven't seen it. The so-called real dragon phoenix is just a beautiful sustenance for people in real life. Dragon, Phoenix China is the most auspicious symbol since ancient times. No matter whether dragon and Phoenix exist, we believe they are the best auspicious things to bring good luck. Chinese history has been popular for thousands of years. Many people will wonder if there is any dragon or Phoenix. If there is no legend, is there any dragon or Phoenix in the world? It is reported that a group of photos have been circulated on the Internet. Some netizens claim to have photographed real dragons over Beijing and get to know them.

   What is the real dragon phoenix captured by the satellite?

The above is what the real dragon phoenix captured by the satellite is all about the exposure of photos. More Hot social news Please pay attention to The world's most Hot social news Channel!
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