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The world's six largest shipwreck, the Titanic did not escape the fate of the wreck

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The Titanic, you should know it, as a sinking ship, because the love story of famous overseas and capable of evoking praises and tears, then you know the Titanic because it hit the rocks and sank, then you know the rest of the world because of what is shipwreck crash, Xiaobian to sort the world six big wreck, a look at it

The world's six largest shipwrecks: Mary Ross, Titanic, Lusitania, Bismarck, Belgrano, nuestra Senora de Atocha

The world's six largest wreck

No. 1, Mary Ross

 The world

Mary Ross is the first in the world can achieve wallpiece common emitter ships, is when the British king Henry VIII's favorite, Henry VIII praised the ship was on the sea a most beautiful flower, but the ship in all the highest expected but was thrown into the bottom of the sink.

 The world

The ship was carried out on-site salvage Britain in 1982, when more than 60 million people watched the salvage process Ross no.. To date, the ship also has been the British government for maintenance, the government has been preserved with preservatives, slow drying and maintenance.

2, Titanic

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The Titanic ship may be one of the world's most famous, it is Leonardo interpretation to the top of world cinema. The Titanic was sunk by ice in 1912. The Titanic is arranged on a gym, swimming pool, squash hall and bathroom, can be said extremely luxurious, but still could not escape the wreck of doom.

3, the Lusitania

 The shipwreck, the Titanic did not escape the fate of the wreck

One of the same weight higher ship Lusitania, but it is not the wreck due to natural causes, it is mainly because of being a German torpedo and unfortunately sunk, such a depletion of human and material resources so the ship sank into the sea for example, the world's six largest shipwrecks dengbang.

No. 4, Bismarck

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Bismarck is one of the most famous warships of the Second World War, but the war is merciless, let such a brilliant giant battleship sank into the endless sea. In 1989, Dr. Robert led his team, Bismarck finally found the remains in search of about 200 square miles, also let people see the wreck of the world six one of the legendary Bismarck, really.

5, Belgrano No.

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Belgrano is also one of the world's greatest battleship, belonging to the Argentina Navy, his silence is mainly because the British submarine launched two torpedoes to Belgrano, so when it again when we can know the reveal to the public once the tragic and heroic war.

6, nuestra Senora de Atocha

 The world

Mrs. Atoka number is the six largest in the world. The wreck has the longest history of a sinking ship, it is for the Spanish colonial plunder of the one of the most direct expression, and to snatch the treasure is through such a ship to ship back to their own country, which is one of the most important evidence of Spanish colonization of other countries the.

 The world

This ship is equipped with guns and barriers, the purpose is to prevent the pirate attack. The lady is a Atoka escort ship. Unfortunately, due to loading in a more treasure, the return voyage suffered a hurricane, such a landmark vessel is silent sank into the sea, as one of the six ships of the world, Mrs. Atoka just stop there, no longer.

The above is the world's six largest shipwreck, the Titanic has not escaped the fate of the whole ship. More The ten information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The ten information Channel!
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