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The world's ten largest fast-food chain list, which you love Macdonald Kendl Ki?

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Now more and more fast food brands, such as KFC, the restaurant chain has grown, for consumers, small as we put together the world's ten largest fast-food chain rankings, a look at the restaurant chain which brand is good?

The world's ten largest fast-food chain McDonald's, KFC, ranking: Subway, Starbucks, Burger King, pizza hut, rod John, ice queen, Domino's and Dumne Dole

The world's ten largest fast-food chain list

1, McDonald's

 The world

This fast-food chain brand is not small the M trademark can often see in every big city, McDonald's is a company founded in the United States fast-food chain enterprises, is a large multinational companies in the world, with 3 more than 10000 stores, recently let McDonald's return to the horizon is it renamed the golden arches of the event

2, Kentucky

 The world

The world's top 10 ranking one of the most profound fast-food chain for the white beard old grandfather impression, and McDonald's with large multinational companies, he founded in 1930, is the founder of Harlan Sanders, now belongs to the KFC Yum's KFC store, like the designated supply is provided by Pepsi Cola cola, because a strategic alliance between the two

3, subway

 The world

A sign of this brand is not just mentioned that in some of the known to every family, but the city can often see his home, compared to just mentioned brand health a lot, mainly to provide a sandwich and Vegetable Salad, when he had just entered the small side of the city, often buy a send a discount, so small also often go to eat, can also taste

4, Burger King

 The world

This is a fast food brand, small very is also recommended, among the world's ten largest fast-food chain ranking in the presence of small, love to eat is a whopper, whether big or small Huang Huang Bao Bao, the taste is very good, his home fries are also very good, that is authentic American crude chips, and the supply of McDonald's and KFC is different

5, Starbucks

 The world

This is in the United States a famous coffee chain company, was founded in 1971, Starbucks coffee belongs to the kind of more suitable for the tastes of the public, Xiao Bian think he's more coffee is selling environment, rather than the quality of coffee, Starbucks stores will pick some business more prosperous place. Therefore, a large part of the income is spent in the store rent

6, Pizza Hut

 The world

This is a special sale of pizza chain brand, although also supply other snacks, but is most famous for the Pizza Hut pizza, pizza hut was first founded in 1958, is the founder of a pair of brothers, Pizza Hut roof are very sense of design, his pizza price is not particularly expensive, two individuals to eat then, about 200 dollars to be able to eat

7, rod John

 The world

This brand of even small series are unfamiliar, after the check and found that it is a special pizza brand, one of the 10 largest fast-food chain ranking in the world, was founded in the 1984 years, his family's pizza to use the best raw materials, the highest standards, hope to provide quality dining experience for the customer, but to tell the truth, he stores or too little, even never seen how small

8, the snow queen

 The world

Sweet lovers attention, this is one you can't miss the ice cream chain, if someone ask Xiao Bian, the world 10 big fast-food chain list, it must take the small ice queen included, he has a very classic sundae, topped with pieces of chocolate. Eat special sweet, sweet lovers of the gospel

9, Domino

 The world

It is a special pizza brand, the brand was founded in Michigan, it was founded by Tom Monagan, founded in 1960, but it is a pity that the enterprises to enter the Chinese late, was first set up his stores in Beijing, the president of their Chinese area, hope in five years, open five hundred to seven hundred stores in China, efforts to open up the Chinese market

10, Dumne Dole

 The world

Is a professional dessert chain brand, his family's donuts are particularly tasty, strawberry flavor, hazelnut and coffee flavor and other variety of flavors, can satisfy the discerning taste buds, and he stores also have coffee supply, the price is relatively close to the people, if you walk in the street to see a tired. Dumne Dole stores, you can go in, buy a few doughnuts, is a happy afternoon

The above is the world's ten largest fast-food chain list, which you love Macdonald Kendl Ki? All of the contents of the. More The ten information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The ten information Channel!
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