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The world of deadly insects, everywhere the Hornets also list

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Now life is getting better and better, so many people living in the city which have not seen the insects, not to mention those horrible insects, in addition to see if it will be spooked, and some insects, there will be a deadly threat, preventing those horrible insects look at the world, with ten deadly insects.

The world's ten largest fatal insects: Asian Hornets, wasps, ants, mosquitoes, bees, African black thorn, kissing bug palatine ants, grasshoppers, tsetse flies and fleas

The world's ten largest fatal insects

1, the Asian Hornet

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The Bumblebee robot Hornet is not a movie, or a people afraid of insects, compared with general bee, bumblebee the more toxic venom, rich in venom, if the Hornets bite it, must be timely to the hospital, otherwise there will be life-threatening. Its venom on human skin can cause lysis

2, the Hornets

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This insect also called wasp, as we often say when saying the Hornets, said that this insect, the insect toxicity is very strong, but the character is still relatively modest, unless you choose to take the initiative to provoke him, otherwise, he will not take the initiative to attack you, if the wasp sting it is likely to cause anaphylactic shock

3, fire ants

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The ants compared to everyday people to see the ants in size to be a lot, but also have different colors, is a dark red, the ants from the earliest in other countries, then invaded Chinese, is one of the typical cases of external species invasion, he has ants itself strong breeding ability and more strongly than the general toxicity of ants

4, the African bee

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If a row of the world's ten largest fatal insect list of words, it is one of the top African bees, the bees restless nature, unlike the domestic wasp, will not take the initiative to attack, the threat of the African bee is very strong, as long as you are discovered from his side after, will attack you may, this is caused by natural selection, to defend the hive out of a habit

5, mosquitoes

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The mosquito itself is a kind of let people hate the mosquitoes and insects, is one of the most feared, his usual food is the blood of a mammal, and therefore has a sharp mouth is long, but due to the use of different people's blood, is likely to spread the disease in between species, is a have a great threat to human animal, I hope to be able to destroy it as soon as possible

6, kissing bug

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The habits of insects can not his name sounds so gentle, it is called a Chuck, special disease pathogens, and mosquitoes, kissing bed to mammalian blood for food, and after sucking blood, he will waste in skin damaged position, which you can take this parasite into the blood circulation, and ultimately affects the normal cardiac function

7, black thorn palatine ant

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One of the small childhood ants, small ants are the earliest to understand this in a children's Encyclopedia, it is said that whenever the absence of food, the ants will be gathered together, and they have no grass, like locusts, they would devour all creatures they see, so if in the forest saw the ants must hide away

8, locust

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This insect occupies a space for one person in the world's ten major perennial deadly insects, individual insects is not terrible, terrible is the power of locusts, and other insects, locusts itself does not harm humans, but they will eat the farmer's crops, when I see the overwhelming locust legion, can predict next year's famine that is a disgusting insects by farmers

9, n

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This will lead to a fly called sleeping sickness disease, their usual food is the blood of a mammal, also spread diseases in the biting process, if you find the tsetse fly bites, then you must get to the hospital in time, and make corresponding treatment, otherwise, it is likely to be infectious disease, and have a fever and until the end of life, it is also a popular insect in Africa

10, flea

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This small insects didn't know too much about him, until the cat knew it's terrible, this creature is parasitic on the skin on the human and animal bites, like small at that time is a flea bite one leg bag, the key is, this insect is hard to kill, strong the special reproductive capacity, even killing a number, and there will be countless small flea out bothering you.

The above is the world's ten largest fatal insects, all the content can be seen everywhere in the wasp is also on the list of. More The ten information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The ten information Channel!
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