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Ten of the world's richest countries, per capita GDP is a lot of our times.

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Now technology is developed, the city is also relatively rich, today small series with a look at 10 of the world's richest countries, these countries are very rich, is a highly developed science and technology. In these countries the per capita consumption level is relatively high, let a person envy.

One of the richest in the world: Luxemburg, Switzerland, Norway, Qatar, the United States, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Canada

Ten of the world's richest countries

1, Luxemburg

 Ten of the world

Luxemburg is the richest country in the world, the country although the area is very small, but the industry is very developed, they are the country's financial development is quite good, the per capita GDP of $102 thousand, compared with is already very high Chinese, their national unemployment rate is relatively low.

2, Switzerland

 Ten of the world

The development of the country of Switzerland relatively stable, because this country to a market economy policy, make the economy more stable, at the same time to improve people's economic level, make the country more rich. Their country scenery is quite beautiful, the development of the tourism industry vigorously.

3, Norway

 Ten of the world

The ten richest countries in the world third Norway this country, their country's largest source of revenue when oil, while Norway is known as the world's third largest oil exporter, but also because of the development of oil, the country's per capita income increased by no less, has become a rich country.

4, Qatar

 Ten of the world

The state of Qatar's main source of revenue is oil, we all know that petroleum development is very good, but also give the country very big development, the country's economic strength. Another source of natural gas is only two can make the country more rich.

5, the United States

 Ten of the world

We all know that the development of the United States has always been very good, their economic strength is very strong in the United States, many aspects are mechanized, bring us more benefits. At the same time, their manufacturing industry is one of the best in the world, is quite good, but also become richer countries.

6, Denmark

 Ten of the world

The Danish national economy is quite good, the country's main source of income is the processing of food, and then sold to the world. At the same time, the country's industrial development is also very good, their country's welfare is very much, so the gap between rich and poor is very small.

7, Singapore

 Ten of the world

In this country, Singapore is the ten richest countries in the world seventh, the country's economic development is very good, the country is their main economic source of some foreign trade, make the country more rich, at the same time, the country's oil Jess than the rich.

8, Sweden

 Ten of the world

We all know that Sweden is a developed industrial country, the country depends on the industrial accumulation of wealth, the national policy is to encourage the development of the industry, and therefore the country becomes more affluent, the Swedish National Forest very much, so their forestry is quite developed.

9, Australia

 Ten of the world

We all know that Australia is a relatively large area of the country, the country's economy is relatively developed, their mineral resources are very rich, and then shipped around the world to get more wealth from local residents, the standard of living is very high, their wool is famous in the world.

10, Canada

 Ten of the world

The Canadian national mineral resources is relatively rich, the government is also the development of national economy, the country's rapid economic increase, and the country's charming scenery, there are a lot of people come here every year. Their country is rich in natural resources, but also let the economy greatly improve.

The above is the ten richest countries in the world, per capita GDP is a lot of our times. All of the contents of the. More The ten information Please pay attention to. The most in the world The ten information Channel!
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