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The real end of the world in 2036? Human beings will be spared.

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Is it possible for mankind to face another disaster?

Please circle April 13, 2036 on the calendar. On this day, an asteroid is likely to hit the earth. Once the tragedy happens, it will become the end of many earth people. Scientists recently issued such a doomsday warning at the annual meeting of the American Association for the advancement of Science in San Francisco.

A 390 metre wide asteroid named Apophis will probably collide with the earth in 2036, releasing 100 thousand times more energy than the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Thousands of square kilometers of area will be directly affected, and the dust released into the atmosphere may affect the whole earth's ecology.

 The real end of the world in 2036? Human beings will be spared.

In April 13, 2036, an asteroid is likely to hit the earth on this day.

Apophis is the name of a devil in Egyptian mythology. In Egyptian mythology, Apophis is the ancient evil and the devil of destruction. Its purpose is to plunge the whole world into eternal darkness. Recently, astronomers have named an asteroid that is coming straight from outer space to earth. Apophis is also known as the asteroid.

The name of the devil is named because the asteroid will bring unprecedented disaster to mankind. The asteroid, formerly known as 2004MN4, was discovered by scientists in June 2004, and its diameter is about 390 meters wide.

 The real end of the world in 2036? Human beings will be spared.

Near Earth Asteroids collide with the earth

The collision between near Earth Asteroids and the earth is only a matter of time, not a problem. Many smaller space objects melt when they enter the earth's atmosphere, so they can't collide with the earth.

However, asteroids with a diameter of more than 1 kilometers will collide with the earth every few hundred thousand years. Asteroids, which are larger than 6 kilometers in diameter, will collide with the earth hundreds of millions of years. Such a collision will lead to an extinction disaster. This time we were faced with a big guy who was late.

1. Now, is the key to the problem that apolphi will hit the earth?

NASA scientists carried out orbit checks and found that the highest threat level in history, Apophis will pass the earth in 2029, but will return to earth in 2036, and may break through the atmosphere and collide with the earth.

Apophis is currently ranked fourth in the Torino class, and the 10 level means a necessary global devastating collision. The danger level of Apophis is the highest among asteroids ever discovered, and it collides with the earth in 2036 by 37.

When Apophis passed near the earth in April 13, 2029, the earth's gravity would change its orbit. It would return to earth in 2036 and collide with the earth.

 The real end of the world in 2036? Human beings will be spared.

Will Apophis hit the earth?

Two, then, what should we do with the earth?

Only by changing the orbit of the earth collision asteroids has many theoretical methods been put forward by the earth scientists. For example, the advanced concept team of European Aeronautics and Astronautics has designed a way to propel asteroids off the ground by using a series of satellites or rockets. The most interesting and easiest way for scientists to send a spacecraft is to collide with asteroids and change its direction.

These are the real doomsday of 2036? Human beings will not escape all the contents. More Exploring cosmic information Please pay attention to The world's most Exploring cosmic information Channel!
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