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The unsolved mystery of the dangling coffin of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River reveals how the hanging coffins were hung up on the cliffs.

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The netizens who have been to the Three Gorges tour of the Yangtze River know that there are many coffin on the precipice of Wu Gorge, and those tall coffins standing on the cliff have become coffin burials. How did the hanging coffins go up? Come and look at the Xiaobian together to see the wisdom of ancient people.

Unsolved mystery of the Three Gorges hanging coffin


The hanging coffin in the Three Gorges is a burial method of Ba people in ancient times. After the death of the ancients, his family would pick the half waist of the cliffs along the coast of the river, one hundred meters away from the road and the mountains, making full use of the natural caverns on the cliffs, or specifically chipping the flood ends, placing the coffin in the cave or placing them on the wooden posts placed in the pipe holes. The coffin was placed on the cliff because of the appearance of the boat, also known as the hanging coffin burial, the boat coffin and the rock coffin.

The burial method of hanging coffins has a long history in our country. Like the boat coffin in Wuyishan, that is Three thousand and eight hundred The site of the year ago was considered to be the ancestor of the ancient people. Cliff coffin in Guixi, Jiangxi, has also been assessed as Two thousand The remains of the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period were called "Yue Yue" and "Ou Yue". The hanging coffin burial in Songtao County of Guizhou province is dating back to today. One thousand and six hundred The remains of Jin Dynasty were regarded as buried by Pu people.

How did the hanging coffins bury themselves on the cliff?


The coffin burial is widespread in many parts of southern China, including three gorges in Hubei province. The unsolved mystery of the Three Gorges hanging coffin is also well-known. Other regions have known China, Taiwan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Sichuan and so on. Twelve In the provinces, the mysterious burial of coffin burials has always been a mystery of archaeologists, waiting for experts from Eastern and Western archaeology to unravel.

The record of the burial of coffin in Wushan County chronicles is "buried in the semi aid shrine at Linjiang mountain. From the bottom pivot of the suspension bridge, the height is always regarded as filial piety. In the past, people in Wushan had such a way of calling, and the death of men would be chosen by themselves. One As a burial place, a cave is constructed by the younger generation, and can be buried immediately after death. Those who build the coffins are using a method called "releasing the rainbow", that is, hanging from the top of the rope with a rope, and entering the cave to do well in the roadbed. Then the coffin village was broken up into pieces, and pieces were put down from the summit and re installed on the spot in the cave. After the death of the human body, the body remains the same as the funeral objects. In some parts of Wushan today, there are still customs for pre - grave graves.


This kind of "releasing rainbow" can be put to the maximum. Five hundred Rice long. Since the rope is rubbed with Hokudo Kahoso and leather, it is not suitable to wear and be bitten by small animals. Farmers in the Wushan area have to use this kind of rope to collect medicine on the cliff wall. In the past, some people believed that there were treasures in the coffin burial. They all hung down with "letting the rainbow". They found that only the remains and some wooden containers in the coffin were thrown away, and many of the coffins were buried.

Hanging coffin burial is a folk cultural site.


Hanging coffin burial is a mysterious burial custom. It is an important folk culture and historical site in China. The unsolved mystery of the Three Gorges hanging coffin first started with why ancient people think of such burial styles. There are several explanations: one is borrowing the high coffin. ( officer ) In order to make the descendants more precious, it is said that the bones of the ancestors are stored and not to be infringed upon by human beings and animals. Therefore, the scientific research on the history of the hanging coffins is just beginning. The mystery of the hanging coffins needs to be exposed in all directions.

The above is the unsolved mystery of the dangling coffin of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. All the content. More Exploring cosmic information Please pay attention to The world's most Exploring cosmic information Channel!
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