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The so-called universe is a big hoax. Our earth is just a ball prison built by aliens.

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The universe is the universal name of all things, and is the unity of time and space. The earth that we bear is born in this vast space. It is also the only planet that has life so far. People used to say that the universe is a big hoax, so why do I say so? ? The reason is that the earth we live in is cell, which is controlled by extraterrestrial energy. The following is a brief introduction to the specific situation. Everyone can pay more attention to it.


The universe is an introduction to deception.

One It has been said that the universe is a hoax. In fact, we live on the beautiful earth, all of which are controlled by high intelligence creatures outside the universe. Everyone will think that this is a very absurd statement at the present stage of science, but some researchers feel that the speech may still have some credibility.


Two Our credibility in this kind of speech is mainly due to extraterrestrial life. If there is life millions of years earlier than our earth, it should be superior to our earthlings in terms of innovation and technology.


The earth is a cell.

One Some people say that the earth is a prison. It is a highly skilled extraterrestrial life. It takes our planet as a small and medium-sized prison. It is an organism created by aliens on the beautiful earth. They take human life as an experimental study to see how Earth people slowly grasp the development of life, while aliens control the development trend of mankind at all times.


Two According to the rumour, we humans will always be on the earth from beginning to end, and we will never be able to escape. Because there is a grid on the top surface of the earth, the human door is isolated from the outside world. Even after the death of a human being, the soul will not escape from it until its memory is cleared away, and eventually life will be reincarnation again.


Exploring extraterrestrial life

We must have a better understanding of what we have said. In the end, the universe is an illusion produced by extraterrestrial life. The earth we live in is only produced by aliens. One A cell. But with the progress of civilization in all mankind, we firmly believe that one day we will make breakthroughs. Let us welcome the advent of extraterrestrial life.

The above is the so-called universe is a big hoax, our earth is just the whole content of a spherical prison built by aliens. More Exploring cosmic information Please pay attention to The world's most Exploring cosmic information Channel!
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