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The war epic of military enthusiasts -- "38 lines"

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Some people think that the "38 line" is a very good TV play, which has been highly praised by history and military enthusiasts. After listening to the 38 line of the memory of the martyrs' TV series, I began to see, the conclusion is that the beginning is very sad, and it is good to shoot this drama. But some people think that the plot is nonsense. As a TV play, there are different opinions. Let's take a look at it in person.

1. war epic drama "38 lines"

 The war epic of military enthusiasts -- "38 lines"

The 38 line is a dream epic drama directed by Cheung Kwok Keung, Wang Ting and Cao Xiwen. This play is about the story of two young men in the village who joined the volunteers to go to Korea and defend their homeland after the bombing of the fishermen in the Yalu River on 1950 by us fighter planes. [2] The play was first broadcast on the Yunnan metropolitan channel in April 23, 2016. The story tells the story of the Yalu River's fishermen who were bombed by us fighter planes in 1950, and the young people in the village joined the volunteers to go to Korea to defend their homeland. On the Korean battlefield, the volunteers and the enemy launched a deadly battle. After several bloody battles, the youth of the fishing village completed the transformation from impulsive young people to intelligent and courageous patriotic fighters. At the same time, after several rounds of strategic and tactical adjustment, the Chinese volunteers gradually took the initiative in the battlefield and supported and paid attention to the international public opinion. In the last battle of the upper Gansu mountains, the Chinese people's volunteers won the final victory at the cost of life and peace after the armistice agreement.

2. character portrayal in "38 lines"

 The war epic of military enthusiasts -- "38 lines"

The drama of "38 lines" depicts the plot of people's emotion more and the fighting scenes are relatively less. This problem may be a lack of budget. In fact, it is also a feature of Chinese TV play, that is, emotional drama. In fact, foreign war dramas do not fight every episode. They also play emotional dramas and talk about people and things in war. This is a good TV series such as brothers and Pacific. We even have bed playing sports. Of course, we still have something to hide.

The 38 line of the 3. emotional drama

 The war epic of military enthusiasts -- "38 lines"

If there are too many emotional dramas in the 38 lines, this statement is not wrong. Some comrades also think that there are too many actresses and actresses, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, as a drama that emphasizes emotional dramas, we should talk more about the stories behind the scenes, which may balance the vacancies left in the fighting scenes. There is a point of truth in fighting scenes. Earlier, I saw the general advisor of the film was General Liu Yuan and general manager of Qin Tian. I think this TV play will have a breakthrough. If the two generals are not familiar with their comrades, please consult the information yourself. The first thing I saw was the initial March of the company into Korea in the wild. It is noteworthy that in the process of shooting such films and TV dramas in China, we did not notice that military knowledge should be sent to the front of the company to carry out search. The "38 lines" did this, and the class in the play was led by the squad leader in search of a distance from the company.

The above is the whole content of the 38 line of war epic, a military enthusiast. More The most information of Art Please pay attention to The world's most The most information of Art Channel!
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