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The latest movie box office list

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Many popular movies have been released this summer vacation, and many of the latest movie box office shows that many people have seen it. I believe that everyone has her favorite movie this summer, and some people even go to see it again.

1. Ant 2: the wasp woman appears.

 The latest movie box office list

"Ant 2: the wasp woman appears" is the second film of the ant people produced by man Wei. Many people know that the movie has been very good at the box office. After the movie was released, it won the first place in the latest movie box office rankings, and won the first place in many days. What the movie tells is that after the ant's first movie, he decided to accept his identity and live well. Then the wasp and the doctor sent him a new mission. He had to wear his own shirt again to save the world.

2, take my brother away quickly.

 The latest movie box office list

"Take my brother away quickly" is a cartoon adaptation. I believe many people have read this cartoon. In this movie, many people feel the common love from a pair of siblings. Although the two brothers and sisters always hate each other, while their younger sister always wishes their brother to disappear, but after her brother really disappeared, she finds that her brother has been hiding many secrets. Although the movie has many differences from novels, it still makes many people cry.

3, "spy 6: total disintegration"

 The latest movie box office list

"Spy 6: total disintegration" has just been released for a long time, ranking third in the latest movie box office rankings. I believe the series of espionage series is the love of many people, and after this movie, many loyal fans of instant espionage come immediately to join us. What this movie tells is that under the threat of terrorism, the man and his team are about to contend with the doomsday crisis. Although this movie is not the best in the series, but the dedication of Tom Tang makes many people feel the excellence of the movie.

The above is the latest movie box office list. More Entertainment information Please pay attention to The world's most Entertainment information Channel!
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