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Inspirational movie top ten, you've seen a few of these touching movie

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Inspirational movie is a movie the most moving, so inspirational movies in the film market is very popular, so we have seen what inspirational movie, Xiaobian to sort of inspirational film top ten, let us take a look at what.

Inspirational movie top ten: "spirited away", "brave heart", "Les Choristes", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Three Idiots", "the true story of Agam", "raging bull", "the king's speech", "American history", "death Shishe"

The top ten inspirational movie

1, "spirited away"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"Spirited away" is one of Hayao Miyazaki's classic animated film masterpiece, the main content is about the little girl Chihiro in parents and parents in the process of going out by magic and save her parents the story. This movie has self acclaimed, won this award best animated feature in the 2003 Academy Awards ceremony, the inspirational film in the top ten ranked first.

2, "brave heart"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"Brave heart" is an emotional color War documentary film, the producer for Paramount Pictures, the film is mainly about the Scottish leader of the uprising against British colonial rulers inspirational story. The core of this story is the war, but the real surprise is patriotic and blood.

3, "Les Choristes"

 Inspirational movie top 10, you

"Les Choristes" have to say is a relatively warm gentle movie, inspirational movie top 10, premiere on June 17 3 2004, the film is a music movie. Take the way of reflecting film, tells the story of a music teacher met a group of wild children's story.

4, "The Shawshank Redemption"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"The Shawshank Redemption" is the earliest escape events, the film has "the count of Monte Cristo" Revenge of the shadow, but the emotional cues and the story of the characters in the text of the relevant connection interlocking, step by step and the development of the story closely in the circumstances, so the list of inspirational movie top ten.

5, "Three Idiots"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

If you do not have their own dreams, then you are destined to accomplish nothing. "Three Idiots" is the best film this movie about their dream journey, the hero three continue to make a joke and Dean of drama openly against his own school, but eventually the three individuals have completed his dream and success.

6, "Agam."

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"The true story of Agam" the hero is a natural harbor mental disorder in children, his life in the eyes of others may be a tragedy, but he used his own way to other people is proved by virtue of their own efforts but also can be exchanged for another 1995 years of life, the film released won 6 Oscar awards.

7, "raging bull"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"Raging bull" issued by United Artists, the story is based on the true story of Mota king of boxing and adapted in 1980 years the United States released. This movie is champion of the rise and fall of life, one can see the human nature and the destiny, so in the movie top ten.

8, "the king's speech"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

This movie is in 1936 after the death of George V was left to the throne Prince Albert, but he had a severe stutter, Albert after the abdication of chaos stepped in, eventually overcome language barriers of their own, made important speech before the Second World War.

9, "American history"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"The past" is a part of the last century the famous drama, the film is set by the Jewish community that tells the story of the hero noodles from the ignorant period grew to a famous American story. Won the Japan Academy Award for best foreign language film in 1985.

10, "death Shishe"

 Inspirational movie top ten, you

"Another version is" death Shishe "" is a very salutary influence of education, education in the education of the inspirational film. Become innovation from the original traditional in the Wilton prep school teacher, more amazing is that he let the students listen to the deceased to understand the true meaning of life, so the list of the top ten inspirational movie.

The above is the inspirational movie top ten, you have seen all these touching movie content of a few. More Most of the entertainment information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Most of the entertainment information Channel!
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