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The highest mountain

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The world ( ): the highest in the world

The world's highest mountain Is the Himalaya Range, and the Himalaya Range in Tibetan means snow hometown. It is located in the south of the top edge of the Tibetan Plateau, and is the world's highest mountains, which has more than 110 peaks up to an altitude of 7350 meters or more. Xiaobian Qing too much, has won a The most in the world .

 The world's highest mountain

A large circulation system of Himalaya mountain as an effect of air and water, the climate boundary has a decisive influence on weather conditions for the Central Asian highlands south of India and north of the subcontinent.

At the same time because of the location and stunning height, the Himalaya mountains in the winter, the cold air barrier from the north into India, while forcing the southwest monsoon before moving north through the mountains of water to bury themselves, resulting in huge precipitation dry conditions on the India side and Tibet.

Happy are the mountains of Himalaya mineral rich, but the development is confined to easy access to the area. Jammu and Kashmir is the most concentrated area of mineral. In Zagreb Skarl mountains found in the vicinity of India sapphire , riverbed alluvial gold found. A copper deposit in Baltistan, find the iron ore in the Kashmir River valley. Ladakh contains borax and sulfur ore. Find the seam in Jammu mountain. Bauxite has also appeared in Jammu and Kashmir. Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim have widely distributed coal, gypsum and mica, graphite, iron, and copper, lead and zinc ore.

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