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The world's 10 kinds of rare animal, some animal is on the verge of extinction

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Along with the human growth rate continued to increase, the earth more and more resources are occupied, but on earth except humans and animal and plant and other things. The relationship between man and nature is directly related to the interests of human beings. Everyone knows there is no sale no killing, the earth is our common homeland. But more and more animal because of improper human behavior and the decline in danger, it is urgently needed to protect. Do you know how much animal in danger? Let's take a look at the world's 10 kinds of rare animal rankings are what animal.

The world's 10 kinds of rare animal: Java rhinoceros, alligator, night parrots, chlamydoselachus, haribon, snow leopard, leopard, white gibbons, Southern China tiger, panda.

The world's 10 kinds of rare animal

1. Javan rhinos

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Java rhinoceros is a rhinoceros, rhinoceros, rhinoceros and North South are extremely precious species. The Javan rhino large, slow, and because the Java rhino has very high value of traditional Chinese medicine has been so heavily hunted now almost extinct, surviving in the world are living in Indonesia Javan rhinos in the national park.

2. night Parrot

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Night parrot is a unique Australian won't fly, cute and very friendly to the people of the parrot. It is the world's heaviest parrot, most can reach eight pounds! Because it is very lazy, only at night, curiosity is very high, because of curiosity close to the people, will encounter shock will remain, so adorable animal, although loved by many people, but still cannot avoid having ulterior motives of human beings and its natural enemies to harm it.

3. Chinese Alligator

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The Chinese alligator in the world's rare animal 10 ranked third. Although it looks a little ugly, even frightening, but it is a living fossil, can still find many features of earlier dinosaur reptiles in its body, it is of great importance for the study of biology. Now only about 130 of the wild Chinese alligator, and at a rate of 4% a year in the fall, has been listed as a national animal protection Chinese.

4. chlamydoselachus

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Chlamydoselachus is one of the most primitive sharks, a living fossil of the shark. This shark looks terrible, huge, live in the deep sea, not love group activities, the distribution is very scattered, with other sharks its reproduction rate and survival rate is very low. At present, the frilled shark has been included in the IUCN Red List of endangered species.

5. haribon

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Haribon is Philippines's national bird, it has eagle eyes and beak, is a very fierce bird. But in nature, haribon breeding rate is very low, and very easy to feed the chicks, coupled with the deep mountains and forests continuously suffered human destruction, leading to the current found haribon only less than 300, has become one of the rare animal.

6. snow leopard

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The snow leopard is an animal of the cat, its larger size, agility, although it looks relatively gentle, but the fact is not the case. Once the majority of snow leopard are distributed in the Central Asian region, Tianshan Mountain and high altitude areas, but the wild snow leopard is extremely rare, perhaps you by "animal world" had ever seen it, but the snow leopard are basically rely on artificial breeding. The snow leopard has also been included in the International Red Book of endangered wild animal, as a member of the endangered animal.

7. Leopard

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The leopard is also known as the leopard, the leopard looks more fierce compared with some snow leopard. They have been widely distributed in the Russian Far East and northeast China and North Korean Peninsula in the forest. In the Far East International endangered animal leopard population has no statistics of more than 100, the same as the snow leopard are facing the situation of extinction, attracted attention around the world. So in the world's rare animal 10 ranking on the list of COSCO dongbao.

8. white handed Gibbon

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Lar gibbon, named for its palm hair color is white is different from the other part of the body hair color. The reproduction rate of Hylobates lar is very slow, every two years, only one child, but also can not guarantee that every child can be a healthy growth, so the growth rate is very low. The number of currently living in the territory of China Xinping, only about 160 of the lar gibbon.

The 9. Southern China tigers

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If the snow leopard looks gentle, the leopard looks ferocious, so Southern China can only use the adorable, cute tiger looks to describe it. Southern China tiger like a larger version of the cat, with bushy hair. Southern China tiger lives only in Chinese, Chinese is a special tiger species, is one of the China ten endangered animal, a national level protected species in the wild red, near extinction, mainly rely on artificial feeding, breeding.

10. giant pandas

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The giant panda is the national treasure of China, it looks very simple and cute, and action, lukewarm with thick black eye, can be said to be the world's rare animal 10 list of the most lovely one. The world and deeply loved by people of all countries. The giant panda has lived on the earth for more than 800 years, is a living fossil. Because it is difficult to multiply, so the pandas are very rare, a member of a rare animal.

The above is the world's rare animal 10, all the contents of some endangered animal. More Maximum information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Maximum information Channel!
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