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The world's fattest women list, the fattest woman up to more than 500 kg

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In the thin beauty, fat is ashamed of the times. Everyone is trying to control their weight, everyone will encounter a few friends often shouted to lose weight. Some people are really fat, so some people lose weight, but the weight is actually standard, but did not reach their satisfaction value, so to lose weight. In the diet on the road, there are a variety of methods to lose weight, regardless of whether weight loss success, each one had less fat people have a tragic history of weight loss. Even if this society are like this, there is always someone in the way fat away. Let us look at the world's fattest women list.

The world's fattest woman list: Carol, Suzanne Ayman, Iman Yeager - aja Maud Abdullah Siti I and Rosalie Bradford Flanagan, Brenda Davies, Mela Rosales, Evan Ahmed, Donna Simpson, Monica Sharon, Mei SEELER

The world's fattest woman list

1. Carol Jaeger

 The world

Carol Jaeger the heaviest weight reached 1500 pounds, is the history of the highest weight of people in the world, her highest weight equivalent to 15 100 kg subdebutante combined weight, can imagine fifteen people piled up into a person is what. Everyone has the heart of beauty, Carol Jaeger also had success by means of natural diet lost the most weight and famous, she was only three months lost 472 pounds. But because obesity at the age of 34 she was bacterial skin infection and necrosis, eventually leading to the cause of her death is a variety of diseases caused by obesity.

2. Suzanne Ayman

 The world

Suzanne Ayman's weight reached a maximum of 1450 pounds, equivalent to the weight of an elephant, only Carol Yeager lost 50 pounds, but she and Carol Jaeger, is not the same, she never had less fat, even with their high weight as the honor, but also all the way to increase their own weight. Want to let their own weight to a ton, a ton of people has become the world's first. The most surprising is that although she was 1450 pounds, but she is a very healthy fat woman, the fat man she had no problem.

3. Iman - "Maud Abdullah Siti I

 The world

The world's fattest woman on the list in third place is Iman "Maud Abdullah Siti I, her highest weight reached 1200 kg, but was a little fat. Because of the sheer size of the enormous burden to her body, 25 years have not been out of his house. And she can't get out of bed, not by diet or bathing, even to eat, clothes, bath and toilet, have to be in the mother and sister help.

4. Bradford Rosalie

 The world

Rosalie Bradford, her highest weight reached 1108 kg, from childhood is a greedy cat, like several other young, she also began to get fat. She married spent most of the time at home, leading to weight increasing. Later, her weight down to an amazing 182 pounds, let her loose skin, so she has to do 5 times the skin surgery, finally because of the lymphatic system of the thigh injury complications arise, finally died.

5. Brenda Flanagan Davies

 The world

Brenda Flanagan Davies had reached the highest weight 1020 kg, because of her weight causes 56 years didn't go. She said her daily life is to eat and sleep. She also had numerous attempts to lose weight, but because she can't stand the temptation of food and failures. The obesity problem is serious, it will affect the body. Her life is the same is very inconvenient.

Pamela Rosales 6.

 The world

Mela Rosales had reached a maximum weight of 1000 pounds, compared with the other located on the list, Mela Rosales is more rough, she had been accused of murder, the evidence shows that her nephew's death was not choking, she was able to isinnocent. After this happened, Mela Rosales decided to lose weight. After surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation and diet control in many ways, Mela Rosales eventually lost nearly 600 pounds of fat, weight reduced to 362.88 pounds.

7. Evan Ahmad

 The world

The world's fattest woman ranking in seventh place is Evan Ahmad, she was suffering from obesity, have genetic defects, the brain cannot accept satiety signals, so no matter how to eat will not feel full, resulting in weight soaring, the highest weight reached 990 pounds, in her 11 years old because too fat, not stand, every day can only crawl in the home, she finally completely bedridden for 25 years.

8. Donna Simpson

 The world

Donna Simpson has the highest weight of 903 kg, is the famous half ton fatmother online. She grew up with binge eating habits, marriage, pregnancy, is to become the most important maternal. Because of too much to eat, to pay the huge cost of food every day, she created a charge fatmother website, only need to pay eight pounds a month you can see her photos and video to eat.

9. Monica

 The world

Monica is the highest weight of 635 pounds, occupation is a model, she is still crazy for her fertility, their goal weight is 908 pounds, so every day to 8000 calories. Her boyfriend did not let her lose weight but also spend a lot of time for her cooking, and even use a funnel to feed her 3500 calories card milkshake. This treatment is not fat, so what, but Monica had eaten it, her boyfriend will help her to stand up, it really is very considerate.

10. Sharon Meixile

 The world

The highest weight of Sharon Messi Le 572 pounds, but she is only 1.52 meters, you can imagine the unit weight ratio is really big, heavy weight to her heart and lungs are under pressure, can only use the oxygen mask to breathe. But the doctor could not give her surgery for help, just let her lie in her words lay dying. Sharon Messi Le's weight soared because of postpartum depression.

The above is the world's fattest women list, all the fat woman reaches as high as more than 500 kilograms. More Maximum information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Maximum information Channel!
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