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The world's most luxurious ten prison list, treatment comparable to the five star hotel

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Prison, prison is a special place, we see in the TV drama prison is an iron fence, hard bed, very dark environment. There are many luxurious prison but in real life, the degree of luxury prison will make people feel not in jail, but on vacation. Let's take a look at what are the ten largest prison in the world's most luxurious.

The world's most luxurious ten list: the Norway Bay prison prison, Scotland HMP Addiewell Stoj prison, New Zealand Otago prison, Austria judicial center, Leoben Alan of Spain, Switzerland sand fizz prison prison, Gandhi of Indonesia duolong SA prison, Germany's JVA Fuhlsbuettel prison, Sweden Sollentuna Norway prison prison, Gauteng

The world's most luxurious ten prison list

The 1. Norway Bay prison Stoj

 The world

Norway Bei Stoj prison, it is a worldwide famous prison, the prison environment is very beautiful, therefore, has also been dubbed the holiday prison, even some friends want to see the beauty of it, all know that beauty can relax the mood. Therefore, the prison criminals out after the recidivism rate is very low,

2. Scotland HMP Addiewell.

 The world

The prison environment although not resort prison is also very beautiful, but also special, the prison is that it can provide to people learning opportunities, let them learn and develop them in jail after the proficiency in a particular line, that can adapt to society, and will not be eliminated by the society, think about all that is impressed.

3. New Zealand Otago prison

 The world

The world's most luxurious ten prison top third is the New Zealand Otago prison, the prison in the eyes of outsiders it is very much like a single apartment, because only one of the import and export, the prison, the design is very user-friendly, there are special people will give the prisoners granted a good education, such as agriculture, training etc..

4. Austria Justice Center Leoben

 The world

Austria Justice Center Leoben, from the prison's name on it and you can know that, unlike other prisons so rigid, the prisons in the region is very famous, very impressive is that this prison there are so many entertainment facilities, such as gym, and Cara OK, never allow you to experience that feeling.

5. Spain Alan Fitz prison

 The world

Spain's Alan prison fee, the prison is very famous in the world, this is because in the ordinary prison, if parents make law, so their children will be a charity or relatives to raise, and the prison can be brought together to raise their children, this is Spain Alan Fitz magic where the prison.

6. Swiss sand duolong prison

 The world

The Swiss people according to the Shatuolong prison before said, before the prison population is very heavy, is really very poor, then, the prison by the local people to report, therefore, the Swiss government was determined to become a change in appearance, look ugly before it is said. This prison is spent $40 million renovation.

7. Indonesia Gandhi Dassa prison

 The world

The world's most luxurious ten prison list inside Indonesia Gandhi Dassa prison, in this world, the old man child will know India is the most populous country in it, but the unexpected is that this Suogandi Dassa prison is very luxurious, therefore, inside the equipment is tall on it, for example, gym and library.

8. Germany JVA Fuhlsbuettel.

 The world

Germany's JVA Fuhlsbuettel prison, the prison is located in Hamburg, in Germany it is known to every family, if criminals accidentally broke the law, then they want to go to the heart of the prison is, because it really is very luxurious, the feeling can be comparable to star hotel, no wonder they all want to go to.

Sollentuna prison 9. in Sweden

 The world

Sollentuna prison in Sweden, the prison of the building is very luxurious, it also offers many recreational facilities and places of learning, you can do whatever you want to do, in which way, but never again touched the bottom line of the law, what can be, just can't escape during this period of time spent inside happy, then life again.

The 10. Norway Gauteng prison

 The world

Norway luxury prison, the prison should be the most luxurious inside the list, this is not only seen from its name, because it is inside the prisoners room is very extravagant, in addition to their learning time also have their spare time, during this period of time, they can enjoy our abundant recreational activities, can read books, watch TV and so on.

The above is the world's most luxurious ten prison list, all treatment comparable to the five star hotel. More Maximum information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Maximum information Channel!
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