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The world's top ten largest typhoon charts, cars can be hung to heaven

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Wenchuan earthquake, Qinghai earthquake, Tangshan earthquake, Taiwan and many of the coastal city of the typhoon, these are the National People's hearts, in the face of natural disasters, human beings are so small, let it destroy, but no ability to parry, here we take a look at the top of the world ten of the biggest typhoon list.

The world's top ten largest typhoon list: Katrina 2005 1992 typhoon, typhoon Andrew, wonderful typhoon in 1780 2008, typhoon AIKE, 1900 Garr Weiss at the 1992 hurricane typhoon, Nicky, 1968 hurricane Pauline, the typhoon in 2002 Kenna, in 1975 1970 the typhoon typhoon Nina, Paula

The biggest typhoon rankings of the world's top ten

1.2005 years of typhoon Katrina

 The world

In junior high school, high school, we learned geography course, in which we all have the preliminary understanding to the typhoon is a kind of thing, according to news reports, the 2005 typhoon Katrina is a typhoon in American history, the worst loss, the typhoon is a blow for destruction the American economy is also very heavy casualties.

2.1992 years of typhoon Andrew

 The world

In the year 1992, northwest Bahamas, southern Florida and southwestern Louisiana to a casual visitor, that is Andrew typhoon, the typhoon's economic losses, although there is no typhoon Katrina so serious, but also very huge losses, close to $34 billion, or very heavy, 39 people died.

Wonderful 3.1780 years of Typhoon

 The world

Wonderful 1780 typhoon, the typhoon may be the world's top ten largest typhoon list inside the oldest in 1780, has 239 years, in 1780 of that era, various countries of the world economic development is not so fast, is very severe and devastating so the typhoon brought people the disaster.

4.2008 years of typhoon AIKE

 The world

Look at this picture, I feel the power of human can be really small ah, typhoon power may be many mainland buddy and have not been, but the pictures can also feel the horror, a huge whirlpool like a dead eye, the typhoon is caused by one of the United States typhoon economic losses of the main a total of 195 people died.

5.1900 years of Garr Weiss a typhoon

 The world

In 1900 Garr Weiss a typhoon, some buddies might ask, Garr Weiss meal is not a city? Why is the name of this as a typhoon, because in 1900 September 4th the typhoon just hit the Garr Weiss meal, then, the typhoon is called the Garr Weiss Dayton typhoon, and the city people mourn the death.

6.1992 years of Hurricane Nicky

 The world

The 1992 hurricane Nicky, it is also called the world hurricane two can INIC, name, the typhoon is from 1994 to 1991 in a strong El Nino warming period, typhoons ravaged buddies, should be very familiar with the classification of the typhoon, and the classification of the 1992 hurricane Nicky has reached. Four.

7.1968 years of Hurricane Pauline

 The world

1968 years of Hurricane Pauline, it is the world's top ten largest typhoon list inside one of the most serious losses, the typhoon which struck the coast of Mexico, and around the coastline inhabited by a few villagers in Mexico, most people feel despair, the village the villagers are very poor, many people are homeless for a moment.

8.2002 years of typhoon Kenna

 The world

2002 years of typhoon Kenna, from now is not for a long time, the classification for the typhoon so high level five, the typhoon brought damage to the people can not bear to look, although it is a numerical, this typhoon caused economic losses is definitely the ranking inside the top three, caused by typhoon the loss of a total of 101 million dollars.

9.1975 years of typhoon Nina

 The world

1975 years of typhoon Nina, the hurricane name sounded very elegant, beautiful, but the typhoon brought disaster could not beautiful, typhoon Neenah is hailed as the world record in the heritage section two deadly cyclone, therefore, Nina's harm and destructive force. In 1975 years of typhoon Nina quickly attacked China.

10.1970 years of typhoon Paula

 The world

1970 years of Paula typhoon, this is the famous deadly cyclone, which struck Eastern Pakistan instead is Bangladesh in 1970 years, it's almost wiped out the presence of the state power must typhoon we have seen, it gives people who bring harm as much as the tsunami, sand therefore, the earthquake storm, for we must embrace the natural reverence for nature.

The above is the world's top ten largest typhoon charts, all cars can be hung up. More Maximum information Please pay attention to. The most in the world Maximum information Channel!
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